Episode 6

Successful shapes – the revolutionary design of the PANTHER …


Episode 6

Erfolgsformen – das revolutionäre Design des PANTHER …

The PANTHER is more than just the most successful aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicle (ARFF) in the world. Day in and day out it helps protect people, aircraft, and airports as a unique, reliable, and safe partner.

There is nothing else that can match its speed, acceleration, and design. Its powerful, aesthetic, and unique design not only makes the hearts of fire fighters beat faster. It is the first fire fighting vehicle for which a special style language was developed. Here, engineering meets aesthetics – and state-of-the-art meets emotion.

Alongside its inner values, such as 1,400 hp, two 6-cylinder diesel engines, 16 liter cubic capacity, and 8 x 8 all-wheel drive, it is the futuristic look that makes the PANTHER the “dream colleague” of airport fire departments all over the world. The multiple award-winning design of the successful airport fire fighter not only results in excitement, but also a high degree of functionality, ease of operation, and a long service life of the vehicle.

Form follows function

The breathtaking performance of the PANTHER is the result of a perfect interplay between components, materials, and technology. The designers and engineers leave nothing to chance in the development of the most modern ARFF vehicle in the world. With the PANTHER, performance and appearance are directly connected. The original design was created by Kristian Fenzl, who is now a world-famous painter. At the time still at the art college in Linz, in 1991 Fenzl developed the revolutionary style language of the new airport fire fighter. In 2005, the 3rd generation of the PANTHER was given its current futuristic design.

Form follows feeling

All innovations and engineering skills that have gone into the design of the PANTHER are geared towards supporting and protecting fire fighters in operation in the best way possible. These same innovations and skills make the innovations, safety, and dynamism that surrounds the fire fighters in the PANTHER apparent. This is why, in addition to optimum driving behavior and maximum extinguishing performance, the unique feeling of driving the best ARFF vehicle in the world what makes the PANTHER the number 1 ARFF vehicle for fire fighters the world over.