CAFS extinguishing systems 

Protection of people, buildings and machinery

CAFS extinguishing systems protect people, buildings, machinery and flammable materials. The systems are based on the innovative CAF (compressed air foam) system. Extinguishing agent is distributed via full cone spray nozzles. The automatic suppression system can be designed as a self-sufficient system (POLY) and then functions completely without external energy.

The indoor extinguishing system can be connected to a fire detection device and activates automatically in an emergency.

Impresses with

  • Highest extinguishing efficiency
  • Easily retrofittable
  • Energy-autonomous operation possible

Areas of application

Thanks to their flexibility, Rosenbauer indoor extinguishing systems offer protection for all sorts of buildings, objects and materials.

Building protection

  • Rooms
  • Halls
  • Warehouses
  • Paint shops
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Recycling plants
  • Power stations
  • Forges
  • etc.

Object protection

  • Machinery
  • Conveyor belts
  • Hydraulic tanks
  • Transformers
  • Rolling stock
  • etc.

Protection of flammable materials

  • Plastics
  • Rubber
  • Solvents
  • Petrochemical products
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • etc.

CAFS (compressed air foam system)

CAFS (compressed air foam) has superior foam quality and highest extinguishing power with small quantities.

Under the influence of compressed air, a simple water-foam mixture will be mixed in the FLASH CAFS central unit into highly efficient CAF foam. The mixing chamber is protected against environmental influences, thus fire fumes cannot influence foam building.

The air required for foam expansion will be provided by compressed air bottles. In this way the system requires no external energy - it is completely self-sufficient.


CAFS enables fast and safe extinguishing for optimum plant protection.

  • Consistently stable foam quality
  • Foam sticks to hot surfaces - also vertically
  • Rapid smothering of the flames through oxygen deprivation
  • Deep penetration into the burning material by reducing the surface tension of water
  • Increased safety against back-burning and sustainable cooling through compact CAFS foam structure
  • Lower application rates for efficient fire fighting and limiting water damage
  • Extensive extinguishing agent quantity through active foam expansion to CAFS

POLY Technology

The RPC POLY system is a purely mechanical system made up of three main components:

  • Container with premix (water-foaming agent mixture)
  • FLASH CAFS central unit for the production of CAFS (compressed air foam)
  • Compressed air bottles to drive the system and for foam expansion

The firefighting system functions completely autonomously and requires no external energy – no pumps, engine or power. This way the system can be retrofitted easily.

The system will be activated automatically or via a fire detection system. Extinguishing agent output will then follow within seconds.

Full cone spray nozzle

The full cone spray nozzle protects the entire area under the nozzle. The firefighting systems can be optimally adapted to the protection target by variable nozzle sizes. The opening angle of the nozzle is between 30° and 170°. Thanks to the use of nozzles with large outlet cross-sections no particular requirements are made on the fire fighting water. Special filters are not needed.

Application examples and references

Extinguishing system for two paint booths and a  paint storage area at Liebherr



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Extinguishing system for a Eurofighter engine test bench



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Extinguishing system for a waste sorting plant (storage hall and conveyor belt) of Remondis



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Extinguishing system for a crate warehouse of the Stiegl brewery


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Extinguishing system for a Korn Recycling GmbH recycling plant



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