Leased vehicles - and equipment

Lease vehicles and equipment

Accidents and repairs can take fire-fighting vehicles and equipment out of service for an undetermined length of time. Whenever possible, Rosenbauer helps you stay ready for action with rapid and individualized access to leased vehicles and equipment.

Cechy szczególne

  • Ensure operational readiness
  • High-quality equipment in excellent condition
  • Cost-effective solutions


Especially in the area of aerial rescue,turntable ladderscan be provided in various models:

  • L32 construction stage 0 (controlled by relay)
  • L32 construction stage PLC
  • L32 construction stage PLC
  • L27 construction stage CAN-A
  • L32 construction stage CAN-I
  • L32 construction stage CAN-A
  • L32 construction stage CAN-A

Fire enginescan also be leased for airports or municipalities.