Helicopter landing sites

Safety during every landing

Rosenbauer has the right fire-protection equipment for every helicopter pad, whether at hospitals, on offshore platforms, wind turbines, or on ships. Rosenbauer systems comply with ICAO and other recognized international standards.


This page provides more information about extinguishing systems for helicopter landing pads.

Impresses with

  • Extinguishing system according to ICAO
  • Autonomous systems available
  • Highest extinguishing effect thanks to CAFS

Initial situation

Potential fuel leaks, engine damage, and problems during approach increase the risk of helicopter-related fires. Having effective fire protection measures is essential for minimizing risks during takeoffs and landings. These measures consist of a combination of foam and dry-powder systems that maximize the efficiency of fuel firefighting methods.

Rosenbauer offers a variety of extinguishing systems for various landing zone sizes and theaters of operations. The RPE Twin Agent POLY CAFS is a highly robust, energy-independent extinguishing system designed for use on offshore helicopter pads.

Turret extinguishing systems

Rosenbauer turret extinguishing systems, used in combination with dry-powder extinguishers, provide an excellent means to fight helicopter fires. Their broad operational radius, long throw ranges, and targeted use of extinguishing agents make turrets perfect for swiftly fighting fires and ensuring the safety of pilots, personnel, and equipment.



  • Complies with international standards (ICAO, NFPA, DNV, CAA CAP etc.)
  • Extraordinary extinguishing performance thanks to CAFS compressed air foam
  • Long throw ranges
  • Easy operation
  • Compact turret design
  • Uses less extinguishing agent compared to conventional foam-based extinguishing systems.

Twin Agent extinguishing systems

The RPE Twin Agent POLY CAFS is a semi-stationary extinguishing system to protect helicopter landing sites in particularly harsh environments. The use of resistant materials like stainless steel and its robust construction make it especially well-suited for offshore use. The system combines powder and CAFS compressed air foam and thus offers the highest extinguishing efficiency.



  • Combination of powder and CAFS for effective suppression of kerosene fires, etc.
  • Completely autonomous system: no water connection, power supply, pumps, etc. are needed.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Easy operation
  • Robust construction