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Information. Analysis. Diagnosis.

As a full-line supplier in this sector, Rosenbauer develops modern telematics solutions for firefighters. These are information and vehicle management systems that are ready for operation, regardless of location and position. They support firefighters in their daily work - during an operation or afterwards. service4fire analyzes components whenever the vehicle is used. The benefits are increased operational readiness and a constant overview of all vehicle processes. The DWD warning system supports the driver in safe operation of the vehicle.

Cechy szczególne

  • Display of the vehicle position on maps
  • Notifications about the vehicle condition
  • Logging of vehicle usage
  • Supported by remote after-sales service
  • Automatic notification of upcoming service


Telematiklösungen für die Feuerwehr - Rosenbauer

During operation, service4fire records all processes in the vehicle. Information about vehicle position, operation and condition is evaluated and can be accessed online.


Driver Warning Device (DWD)

Fahrzeugmanagement für die Feuerwehr - Rosenbauer

The DWD warning system supports the driver in the safe operation of the vehicle. In the event of critical values, warning signals help the driver to maintain control of their vehicle.


service4fire MADAS

Fahrzeugmanagement mit Warnsystem - Rosenbauer

Vehicle performance data like acceleration, speed and inclination as well as incidents during the operation are measured and evaluated.