czerwiec 18, 2013

New aerial ladder: Metz L32A XS

More maneuverability and flexibility

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  • New articulating boom opens new dimensions in maneuverability and flexibility
  • Continuous erecting on house facades, also in the tightest of spaces
  • Able to put down the 450 kg rescue cage directly in front of the driver's cab


Cars in the process of parking, lush city greenery, narrow streets. The operational areas of aerial ladders are becoming tighter. With the new L32A XS the setup range becomes much more flexible.

The compact action radius of the L32A XS provides rescuers access to the scene in the tightest, previously unreachable conditions.

One peculiarity of the L32A XS is its new type of articulating boom: As with a pocket knife, the ladder's turning point is offset towards the inside. The ladder sections are now opened on three rung fields. So despite the 900 mm of the extended cage boom the articulation can be angled immediately and therefore reaches a new dimension in maneuverability.

Without additional drives, the L32A XS has a cage boom length of up to 4.60 m. The minimal action radius is therefore reduced to a previously unachievable 7.40 m.


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