wrzesieñ 21, 2016

New: compact aerial ladder L27-C

Optimal even in tight spaces

Rosenbauer Drehleiter L27-C: kompakt. wendig.
[Translate to Englisch:] Kompaktdrehleiter L27-C von Rosenbauer

Rosenbauer sets new standards for compact aerial ladders


Rosenbauer is now also setting new standards for compact aerial ladders and presents the new L27 C, which is more than just a "classic" DLAK 18-12. In addition to a working height of over 27 m, the L27 C is characterized by extremely compact dimensions. Therefore, it is especially suited for narrow streets, old towns, and restricted traffic areas.


Rosenbauer even specially developed a new maneuverable bogie for the new series. It is being used for the first time with the L27 C. This makes it an extremely compact piece of rescue equipment with proven "Metz Technology."


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