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luty 16, 2015
...on the EMEREC ALARM MONITOR oft the Emmen fire department
Stationäre Löschsysteme schützen die Zerkleinerung von Abfall
...with the PANTHER Tactical Simulator and the ERDS (Emergency Response Driving Simulator)
Follow the next Generation!
listopad 26, 2014
Power and performance in a compact design
Interview with Fire Chief Ing. Humer / Wels volunteer fire department
Access important information anywhere and any time
Tips for cold winter days
New models of the popular thermal imaging camera
Purely analog series will be eliminated from the product range
Get yours now in the Rosenbauer Fan Shop!
ARFF drew attention to itself
październik 22, 2014
Universal fire fighting vehicles with high-performance firefighting technology for Merck
FIRE MAX 3 with integrated seat belt
Educational and training programs at Rosenbauer

Ready for winter?

Practical tip
Preparing equipment and vehicles for wintry operations
So that your vehicle remains an original
Sweet dreams in the special fire department bed
wrzesieñ 24, 2014

Close to reality

In detail
Training with simulators
L20-FA aerial ladder for Adelaide, Australia
Old made new - general technical overhauls
Tips for selecting the right size

Personalities in operation

Inside Rosenbauer
employees talk about their career paths
lipiec 9, 2014
Operation with the SRF-K of the Bludenz volunteer fire department
For forest fires and rescue operations
Celebratory delivery to ASA
For a maximized service life