Small engine – wide application range: the NAUTILUS 4/1 ECO

Rosenbauer has added a new member to its family of submersible pumps: the NAUTILUS 4/1 ECO. Its advantage: It can be operated with 3 kVA generators and up. The range of applications of vehicles equipped with these small power generators expands enormously as a result.

Many fire departments do not just use large power generators on a day-to-day basis. In particular, smaller vehicles are often equipped with 5 kVA generators or smaller due to space contraints and weight limits. The NAUTILUS 4/1 ECO submersible pump was developed specifically with smaller generators in mind. As a result, vehicles with a low live load benefit tremendously when it comes to equipment.

Few demands – powerful performance

The utilized electric motor has a power input of 1.89 kVA, plus the start-up current of the submersible pumps is reduced considerably by using a weight-optimized stationary impeller. In terms of performance, however, the NAUTILUS 4/1 ECO has nothing to hide: Its output rate of 420 l/min at 1 bar (670 l/min with unobstructed outlet) is still greater than the minimum 400 l/min prescribed in DIN 14425 – the standard for water pumps. As a result, a flooded basement in a private home, for example, can be emptied in no time at all – completely. Their deep-drawing ability down to a water level of four millimeters makes the NAUTILUS family of submersible-type pumps unique in the industry. Thanks to an 8 millimeter particle screen, even dirty water is no problem for the indestructible NAUTILUS 4/1 ECO. Of course, the new pump is already certified according to DIN 14425 and the "Submersible Pumps" standard of the Austrian Federal Fire Brigade Association (ÖBFV).

In action in a metropolis

The NAUTILUS 4/1 ECO has been well-received in Thailand: The capital city of Bangkok is constantly affected by high water and flooding, especially during the rainy season. Therefore, submersible-type pumps are indispensable. Due to an extremely high traffic volume, the city fire department of Bangkok searched far and wide for small and maneuverable, yet well-equipped first attack vehicles. The solution: the ATV Polaris 6x6 from Rosenbauer. This all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is equipped with not only an ultra-high pressure system (UHPS) and a 200 l water tank, but also with a small power generator and the NAUTILUS 4/1 ECO. This is the optimal solution for ATVs due to their low live load. These vehicles are lightweight, maneuverable, and yet incredibly functional.

A powerful device for high water operations

The advantages of the NAUTILUS 4/1 ECO come to light in high water. With little effort, these powerful devices can be used for pumping water from basements, for example. High-power generators can be used for operations where enormous amounts of water need to be conveyed using pumps. For smaller operations – like in private homes – the NAUTILUS 4/1 ECO is entirely sufficient. The option to power with smaller generators means more leeway with operational tactics as well as the conservative use of resources.

Rosenbauer offers the RS 3 power generator as the optimal partner for the NAUTILUS 4/1 ECO. Of course, the newest submersible pump is available with all common couplings and plug systems.