Did you know that Rosenbauer vehicles made a big cultural appearance?

Seventy meter high water fountains, rotating beacons, and 16 choreographed fire fighting trucks: reminiscent of Adalbert Stifter's work "Hochwald," which brings together the romanticism and idyll of the Bohemian Forest. The Director of the "Linzer Klangwolke" 2015, Hubert Lepka, took a somewhat different approach to Stifter's work - with a great deal of spectacular support from Rosenbauer.


The Linzer Klangwolke is an open-air music event that has been taking place at the beginning of every September since 1979 in Donaupark in the Austrian city of Linz. More than 80,000 festival goers attended this year's rendition of the Klangwolke spectacle. At the center of it all was the choreographed presentation of 16 tank firefighting vehicles - two of which were PANTHER ARFF vehicles. It was one of the visual highlights of the "Klangwolke": The impressive illuminated extinguishing fountains sent murmurs through the crowds. In Stifter's "Hochwald," a castle in the Bohemian Forest is overtaken by fire. In Director Hubert Lepka's production, the fire fighting trucks performed the extinguishing work.


The tank firefighting vehicles were provided by the Linz fire department as well as local factory and volunteer fire departments. One PANTHER was provided by the Linz Airport and another was provided by Rosenbauer directly. A perfect way to demonstrate their power: the Rosenbauer flagship discharging an extinguishing fountain 70 m into the air while traveling at full speed. The impressive production was well-received by onlookers. We at Rosenbauer are very proud that our vehicles were able to make such a spectacular contribution to the successful event.


Photos: Christian Stummer