Did you know that EMEREC "rocked" at an AC/DC concert?

115,000 music fans, a stage show with pyrotechnics and 10,000 liters (2,642 US gal) of fuel for generators, also possible traffic accidents at arrival and departure, the provision of safety and lighting on sidewalks, and an increased risk of fire due to drought - these were just some of the operational scenarios facing the 130 emergency personnel and 21 vehicles at the AC/DC concert in Spielberg, Austria. An important element for coordination: the EMEREC information system.


Year after year, major events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix with 250,000 visitors, or the German Touring Car Championship, challenge the fire departments around Spielberg in Styria. Emergency crews are supported by the EMEREC information management system, which was also successfully used recently at the AC/DC concert with 115,000 visitors.


A total of 130 emergency personnel and 21 vehicles of the fire department were there in the background providing safety and fire protection at this mega event. There were many different operational scenarios.


An increased risk potential presented itself in the area of the stage - for example - through the presence of pyrotechnics for the stage show, as well as 10,000 liters (2,642 US gal) of fuel for generators. In case of fire in the large event area, quad bikes and foot patrols equipped with extinguishing backpacks were present on site in addition to tank firefighting vehicles.


For any traffic accidents during arrivals and departures at the concert, brigades with heavy lifting and rescue tools and a crane vehicle were positioned ready at key points.


Enormous work relief through EMEREC


The district firefighting squad from Knittelfeld, the local fire departments of Spielberg and Flatschach and 19 brigades of the Regional Firefighters' Association regularly attend major events at the Red Bull Ring, where they always face new challenges. Using EMEREC gives the operator an overview of where individual task forces are distributed over the extensive grounds and thus allows immediate coordination of all individuals in the event of an alarm and therefore a prompt response.


For District Fire Commander OBR Erwin Grangl, the support of EMEREC makes the workload much easier:  "In order to effectively oversee these events, it is important to have a unified situational awareness at any point of the venue - for officers as well as for group leaders. For this, EMEREC was and is a great support." He was most pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and the excellent display options. The initial skepticism regarding the necessary network connection quickly became a non-issue during use. "Based on our experience, we were unsure if the connection would always be guaranteed, largely due to network congestion regularly seen at major events. In operation, however, EMEREC showed that this is not a problem," said District Fire Commander Grangl.


EMEREC - efficient and effective handling of tasks


With EMEREC, Rosenbauer has created a tool to efficiently and effectively manage various tasks during an operation, based on innovative information and communication solutions. Previously, during operations valuable time was lost due to a variety of data such as maps, fire control plans, or hazardous material data sheets existing only on paper. EMEREC summarizes this data in digital form, standardizes it, and makes it available where needed, and - at the press of a button - directly at the site and in real time. The information management system makes a decisive contribution in critical situations to keeping a team organized and making the right decisions as quickly as possible.


Properly responding to the various challenges


Whether responding to an alarm, fire fighting, a traffic accident, or performing a major operation during floods: EMEREC makes it enormously easier to keep an overview. Mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones are supplied via a central data center holding all necessary information. During operational preparation, all data can be administered and automatically synchronized on the connected end devices. Thus the operational leader receives via mobile EMEREC Pilot all operationally-relevant information. During the mission, of course, information can also be entered into the system, which is made available in real-time to all users of the system.


With EMEREC Office, the master data of the respective fire departments can be managed. Water supply points, fire safety plans, routing cards, and more are available at your fingertips. In operation, you can access within seconds, for example, an automobile rescue card or the hazardous materials database. Of course EMEREC can tap into external sources to obtain information: from information on current water levels of rivers through to weather forecasts to live streams of traffic cameras on the highway.


Checklists help maintain an overview in order to ensure that nothing is missed. You can even document the different operations and complete the records as needed with pictures and videos using the camera on the smartphone or tablet.


EMEREC Mobile and EMEREC Alarm Monitor


With EMEREC Mobile comes an additional smartphone-based application that can be an optimal solution particularly for small and medium-sized fire departments. Thus, the most important operational information and alarm data are available anytime anywhere. The EMEREC Alarm Monitor provides a quick overview as soon as you arrive at the firehouse. The initial operational information is visualized on a monitor, so the deploying firefighters have all important information at a glance.