Much equipment in the smallest space

It can surely be regarded as a special situation that a fire station is housed directly within Vienna's City Hall. A total of six vehicles of Vienna's professional fire service are stationed in the landmarked historic building. With the new, small fire vehicle the Town Hall Guard is ready for special challenges.


The crew of the station was called to more than 1,100 missions last year. In the so-called Amtshaus district there are many public buildings for which the Town Hall Guard is responsible for fire protection. Also there are about 1,600 events each year (including the Song Contest 2015) in and around the Town Hall for which they must ensure safety. In order to be optimally equipped for such tasks, you need a small and maneuverable vehicle which has everything in terms of equipment. Rosenbauer has found the optimal solution for this.

Premiere: a small firefighting vehicle with an on-board pump and foam proportioning system

The new small firefighting vehicle of the CL series is fitted onto a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter box-type van. For the first time, a built-in pump and a DIGIMATIC proportioning system were combined in such a vehicle. The pump is controlled in proven fashion over the Rosenbauer CAN-bus system with a display in the rear of the vehicle, and is thus almost identical to the modern generation of ATs and bulk water tender vehicles which are currently used by Vienna's professional fire department. Also the lighting, siren, ambient lighting, and traffic control are centrally controlled. The new small firefighting vehicle is equipped with the Rosenbauer N10 normal pressure pump, which provides 1,000 l at 10 bar and is operated via a display. With the 400 l water tank, first response, or the combating of small fires, can occur very rapidly.

The initial combination of a built-in pump and the DIGIMATIC 12 foam proportioning system in a box-type van is a special highlight for fire commissioner Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Huber: "This way, we can also use the small firefighting vehicle in accordance with the current operational tactics of Vienna's professional fire department."

Sophisticated design concept

Another highlight of the new small firefighting vehicle is the sophisticated equipment concept. All necessary equipment for the range of applications undertaken by the Town Hall Guard is housed in a small space. What is special: Much of the equipment is stowed in the crew cabin, which is a big advantage for fire commissioner Huber: "In addition to respiratory protection and exploration tools, nozzle, and hoses are kept ready in the crew cabin and can thus be grabbed when getting out." The excellent LED illumination in the crew cabin area and equipment compartments, the clear arrangement, easy removability, and simple operation make it easy for the team to have the right equipment ready in case of operation.