The new HEROS-titan: tougher than any incident.

The new generation of HEROS fire helmets sets standards in terms of safety, function, and comfort. The HEROS-titan is the successor model of the HEROS-xtreme. It was developed in order to give firefighters optimal protection and support in the harshest of operations. And it is as comfortable as never before.

More safety

The new HEROS-titan safely protects in extreme situations and at maximum temperatures. With EN 443:2008, EN 16471, and EN 16473, it complies with the highest safety levels and standards for firefighting helmets. Its helmet shell provides excellent stability as well as improved heat and flame resistance. Thanks to the sporty high-performance polyamide from Bionic Designs, the highest mechanical protection properties are guaranteed. The newly developed edge profile that characterizes the design gives the helmet maximum strength combined with reduced wall thickness and significantly reduced weight.

More lightweight

250 g lighter than its predecessor, the HEROS-titan is the lightest helmet in its class at about 1.3 kg. Thus placing significantly less weight on the head while increasing the freedom of movement. This makes an especially big difference during long operations.

More comfort

The new interior of the HEROS-titan is made for maximum wearing comfort. Instead of a continuous headnet, the new HEROS-titan relies on a three-dimensionally shaped, padded restraint system. Thanks to the integrated concept, the head is completely covered and the interior is flush to the head throughout. This ensures an even more comfortable fit, because the weight of the helmet spreads noticeably more evenly across the surface of the head than in the past.


The new HEROS-titan easily adapts to each head. The wide range of sizes from 49 to 67 guarantees all emergency service personnel perfectly fitting protection for their head. In just five simple steps, the new full-protection helmet can also be easily customized. The main adjustment is done via the tried-and-tested HEROS knob located on the outside of the helmet,
the further fine adjustment is performed by adjusting the headband, front part, helmet strap, chin strap, and, in special cases, with optionally available adapter pieces.

Better balance

The optimized center of gravity is also new and unique to the HEROS-titan. Thanks to the ergonomic orientation of the helmet weight to the body's axis, the head always remains in balance. This is made possible by the fact that the interior can be adjusted in relation to the helmet shell. For example, if the helmet becomes heavier in the front by the addition of mounted parts, such as a helmet lamp, the interior can be balanced by using the adjustment slide, sliding it back and bringing the helmet again to the center of gravity. Also, the distance between the face visor and nose can be optimized.

Better field of view

For the first time, a thermal imaging camera can be optionally integrated into the new HEROS-titan. Via the display, emergency crews have a complete overview even in smoke-filled areas and at zero visibility. The helmet lamp is also a new development, which scores points for an even longer lighting duration and differently adjustable lighting levels.

More user and service friendliness

Maintain and replace elements of the new HEROS-titan in no time. With only 10 components, handling, washing, or changing the internal fittings of the protective helmet can be done lighting fast. Disassembly of individual components does not require tools and all settings can be adjusted without removing the interior fittings.

More features

With many new details, the HEROS-titan is the most innovative state-of-the-art firefighting helmet for every operation:

  • Ergonomically shaped helmet shell, made of light material with optimized thickness and higher stability at the same time
  • Optimized damping insert
  • Visibility-supporting visor of optical class 1
  • Fully flexible setting of the mask adapter up and down, forward and backward (optional).
  • Easy to use rotary knob with more grip and better feel
  • Integrated edge protection
  • Helmet torch with optimized luminosity and lighting duration as well as 3 adjustment levels (optional)
  • Unique worldwide: For the first time, a thermal imaging camera directly mounted on the helmet to search for people (optional)

Available from end of November, 2015

Amid great applause, the new HEROS-titan was unveiled at Interschutz 2015 in June. Thousands of visitors tried on the new innovative full-protection helmet and convinced themselves first-hand of its many new benefits. It is now available for ordering and will start shipping at the end of November.