Safe in any situation

Safely operating a fire fighting vehicle is very demanding for the driver, both mentally and physically.<br/>In order to optimally prepare for these challenges, Rosenbauer offers thePANTHERTactical Simulator for firefighting operations at airports and the ERDS Simulator – Emergency Response Driving Simulator – for emergency journeys on public roads. <br/>The two fire truck simulators provide fire departments a realistic, cost-saving and risk-free method of training and to prepare emergency crews for their demanding work.


These simulators can be leased or also purchased. You can request more informationhere. 

Cechy szczególne

  • Increased training effects
  • Reduced training costs
  • Protects the environment
  • Large variety of incidents
  • Can be analyzed (flying eye)


RCS Simulator Tactic

PANTHER, Aerial, Command


RCS Simulator Driving