Informacje ratownicze o pojazdach EMEREC

Moditech - Crash Recovery System 

Mobile information system for quick and safe accident rescue

The automotive industry is setting new benchmarks in terms of vehicle safety through ongoing developments. Ultra high-strength steel, tubular struts, and restraint systems offer the occupants of modern vehicles excellent protection. Even vehicle concepts with alternative drive systems are omnipresent on the road. These developments present emergency crews with new challenges when it comes to freeing trapped vehicle occupants after an accident. The Crash Recovery System® is a vehicle information system that was developed for use directly at the accident site. All vehicle data is saved locally via EMEREC and is available at any time without requiring an internet connection.

Cechy szczególne

  • Availability of all vehicle data directly at the operational site
  • Faster and more efficient deployment of hydraulic rescue equipment
  • More safety for emergency crews and accident victims
  • Current data through regular updates

Moditech Crash Recovery System®

The Moditech Crash Recovery System (CRS) has an extensive and detailed vehicle database. It includes a total of more than 4,000 vehicle models with over 30,000 model variants and is the most extensive solution for rescue organizations on the market. This forms the basis for the efficient and safe rescue of people from accident vehicles.


Consistent technical information about all rescue relevant vehicle components are shown on the screen.

  • Interactive representation of vehicles with all relevant safety and drive components
  • Querying of rescue information for accident vehicles with images and detailed instructions
  • Truck / car / bus

The vehicles can be selected by make, model, engine type, body, and model year. After selection of the make, type, or model, CRS shows a graphical representation of the vehicle as top and side view. The installation locations of rescue-relevant components are illustrated through standardized colors and symbols. By selecting the components, additional safety and disabling instructions as well as photos can be called up. So rescue-relevant information on restraint systems, vehicle body reinforcements, alternative drives, etc. is available to emergency crews at the press of a button.

CRS versions

The Moditech Crash Recovery System® offers the right solution for your emergency response organization in the form of two tiered editions. Both variants offer a complete digital collection of all rescue data sheets.

CRS RDW Lite Edition

  • Cost-effective solution for the small budget
  • Complete collection of rescue information on static data sheets
  • Manual vehicle selection
  • Vehicle selection via vehicle registration number check from the command center (optional*)
  • Legend and symbol explanation of the components
  • Monthly online updates

CRS RDW Edition

  • Has all the performance characteristics of the Lite Edition
  • In-depth interactive rescue information in the form of descriptions, vehicle graphics, and disabling instructions
  • Detailed visualization of drive and restraint systems
  • Monthly online updates

Vehicle selection via vehicle registration number*

In the RDW edition, Moditech Crash Recovery System® allows  the selection of a vehicle model via entry of the vehicle registration number. The data transfer takes place over a secure internet connection (GPRS/UMTS). The data of the linked national registration number databases is queried via a direct interface of the Moditech Rescue Solutions BV. This ensures that the vehicle registration data is always current.The following countries currently support the querying of vehicle registration numbers:
Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Denmark, USA