RTE RC Profile Kontener rolkowy

Individual solutions for every operation

Zadania stojące przed strażakami ciągle się zmieniają, Do skutecznego prowadzenia działań wymagane są specjalne elementy wyposażenia, które muszą zostać dostarczone na miejsce zdarzenia tak szybko, jak to możliwe. For this purpose Rosenbauer has developed a robust roll-on/roll-off container system that fits all standard vehicles.

Cechy szczególne

  • Individual, robust roll-on/roll-off containers
  • Flexible placement of the necessary equipment
  • Easy and safe transport
  • Quick loading of the vehicle
  • Clear and careful storage

Best material

Roll-on/roll-off containers in firefighting operation must be robust and always work 100% of the time. This is why Rosenbauer manufactures the roll-on/roll-off containers from high-quality and stainless aluminum and steel. So loads of up to 400 kg can be easily transported by just one person. All roll-on/roll-off containers are fitted as standard with high-quality and wear-resistant casters made from rigid plastic. Robust steel parts are used in the area of rotating, braking and roller elements.

Safe transport

All roll-on/roll-off containers are configured according to the one-man principle and can be easily operated thanks to the convenient grab rails. All containers are of standardized EU pallet size and are fitted with high-quality dead man's brakes. Thanks to a special profile rail with a clamping lever, multiple containers can be flexibly and safely stacked in the equipment compartment in close proximity. This means your equipment gets to the scene safely, sorted and in a space-saving way.


  • Fixed loading ramp integrated into the vehicle
  • Suitable PVC tarpaulins
  • Shelves, cover sheets or side panels can be added at any time
  • Suitable stepped ramps can be attached at any time

Flexible solutions

Every minute counts in operations. Which makes it even more important to have the right equipment available quickly and at the ready on scene. Rosenbauer offers specifically equipped roll-on/roll-off containers, in which the equipment can be safely and tidily stored and transported. In addition the roll-on/roll-off container equipment can be configured according to your individual wishes.


You can find an overview of the specifically equipped roll-on/roll-off containers on the right hand side of the image gallery.

Custom options and ready-made solutions

RTE RC Profile rolling container are available in different size and weight categories, as well as different brake and castor configurations and different body designs. Rolling container can therefore be individually equipped as required.

The following are available as an optional extra with the RTE RC Profile:

  • Shelves, cover plate and aluminum grid walls
  • Forklift skids
  • Lifting lugs
  • Towing eyes for cable winch loading
  • Locking device to keep swivel castors running in a straight line
  • LED lighting
  • Corner connector caps

Modeli standardowych

Oprócz wykonywanych w całości na miarę kontenerów na kółkach i dowolnie wybieralnych cech wyposażenia dla modeli standardowych Rosenbauer oferuje również gotowe rozwiązania kompleksowe do określonych celów zastosowania.
Przykładowo są to:

  • RTE RC Profile „punkt ssania 1600“
  • RTE RC Profile „punkt ssania 1200“
  • RTE RC Profile „kosz siatkowy“
  • RTE RC Profile „stanowisko gaśnicze“
  • RTE RC Profile „wąż“
  • RTE RC Profile „szkody wodne“

Dzięki temu można optymalnie przechowywać i transportować sprzęt potrzebny do użycia w sytuacjach specjalnych. Jako dostawca systemu Rosenbauer jest oczywiście w stanie wyposażyć te, a także wszystkie inne, kontenery na kółkach od razu w sprzęt i komponenty techniczne.