Maszt oświetleniowy FLEXILIGHT

The flexible LED light mast

The FLEXILIGHT LED light mast impresses with a combination of highest light yield from LED illuminants and full flexibility in the illumination - also upwards. The FLEXILIGHT is not only used for extended scene lighting but can also perfectly illuminate every focal point around the vehicle.

Cechy szczególne

  • Optimum lighting conditions
  • Low power requirements
  • Simple control
  • Suitable for all vehicle types

Optimum lighting conditions

  • High luminosity thanks to LED illuminants
  • Pinpoint lighting
  • Movable light cone through rotating and swiveling light tower head
  • Extended scene lighting

Small power requirement

  • Operating voltage 24 V
  • Max. power consumption approx. 530 W
  • No generator needed as power source
  • Supplied from on-board voltage supply

Simple control

  • All functions are conveniently controllable via radio remote control
  • The range of the remote radio control is over 100 m
  • Further operation via vehicle

Suitability for all types of vehicles

  • Pojazdy miejskie
  • Pojazdy lotniskowe
  • Pojazdy specjalne
  • Special fixtures

On Pojazdy miejskie such as the AT, for example, the FLEXILIGHT LED light tower can be built standard into the pump compartment (shorter tower) or between equipment compartments 1 and 2 (longer tower).

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In PANTHER type vehicles the light mast is built into the pump compartment.

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With special vehicles, flexible installation in the vehicle body is possible (depending on vehicle equipment).

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The FLEXILIGHT LED light mast can also be operated completely independently. Only 24 V power is required for this.

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