New HLF20 in Operation at Germany's Northernmost Fire Department

Large fires, ammunition finds, rescue operations, and searching for people: The scope of duties for the List Fire Department on the German island of Sylt is extremely broad. They are well prepared for these challenges with the new rescue firefighting group vehicle (HLF) 20 from Rosenbauer.

Almost 1,500 inhabitants live in List on Sylt, the northernmost municipality in Germany. Sand dunes, salt marshes, and the Wadden Sea characterize the unique environment on this island in the North Sea, which is especially famous for its wellness tourism. Its particular geographical location also poses special challenges for fire-fighting vehicles. The climate and the salt-laden air put more strain on the materials than in other regions. This makes it all the more important for Rosenbauer vehicles to use high-quality materials that are also manufactured with utmost precision.                           

Extensive Equipment

Not only the climate itself is a challenge for man and material, but also the various operations that the Fire Department of List on Sylt has to cope with. Last year they responded to 49 calls, including two major fires. The fire department was also called in when ammunition was found, as well as coping with numerous rescue operations, people searches, and smaller fire operations.  

The extensive equipment of the new HLF20 mounted on a MAN chassis plays a decisive role in ensuring that it is optimally equipped for these different operations. The 2,000 liter water tank can be used to extinguish fires, and the vehicle is also equipped with a 180 liter foam compound tank. In the optimally sorted equipment compartments there is space for additional hoses, but also for the equipment required for rescue operations. The extendable LED light mast provides optimum illumination for night-time operations.

Well Thought-out Concept

Before deciding to purchase the vehicle, they were able to put the HLF20 through its paces. "It won us over right from the start. And not just us, but also the municipality representatives, who decide on the purchase," says Matthias Stahl from the List Fire Department on Sylt. Not just the equipment, but above all the outstanding manufacturing quality was a decisive argument. "The entire vehicle concept is very well thought out," says Matthias Stahl enthusiastically. The safety and ease of use of the new HLF 20 are of course also at an extremely high level. "You simply feels safe and comfortable on the way to operations or exercises", explains the Fire Chief of the List Fire Department.

The excellent cooperation between Rosenbauer and the List Fire Department during the procurement process and the very positive experience since the commissioning of the new HLF20 have prompted the List Fire Department to choose Rosenbauer for the purchase of another new vehicle. The new tank firefighting vehicle (TLF) 4000 is due to arrive on the island of Sylt as early as spring. And it will increase the operational power and impact of the List Fire Department many times over.