TWISTER-cross outperforms other models

Six fire departments from the Mecklenburg Lake District in northeastern Germany have been equipped with the new protective boots. They chose the new TWISTER-cross. Previously, they had tested various models from different manufacturers.


Christoph Ruchay is a firefighter with the Burg Stargard volunteer fire department in the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. He also works for the Construction and Public Order Office in Stargard, and in this position he was also responsible for the procurement of the new protective boots. Six fire departments had already decided to replace their discarded range of footwear with new boots. The decision for 98 pairs of protective boots was clearly in favor of the TWISTER-cross.


Mr. Ruchay, you tried out models from different manufacturers. How did you test the boots?

We started by shortlisting three models of boots from different manufacturers. Multiple pairs of these models went to the individual fire departments. The firefighters could then get acquainted with the different boots, try them out when they had time and also test them in emergencies.


What criteria did the new boots have to meet?

Before we just had simple pull-on boots, which we definitely wanted to get away from. Important for us was a comfortable closure at the top of the boot and an optimum lacing system. Which is why we were immediately interested in the BOA® lacing system of the TWISTER-cross. This is the only boot that allows for rapid putting on and simple closure with a quick turning motion. Our tests then quickly brought out the weak points of the other boots. For models with a zipper, dirt could easily get into the boot and in addition cleaning them was also relatively laborious.
Naturally, the wearing comfort was also an important criteria. Everybody felt comfortable in the TWISTER-cross, there was no pressing or pinching. And the light weight impressed us too.


The TWISTER-cross has a short leg height of just 190 mm. Why did you decide on a short boot?

The TWISTER-cross may be a short boot, but it is certified for all firefighting operations in Germany. The shorter leg height has many advantages: You are more mobile and the boot is much lighter. In addition, we have many rescue operations in which we simply do not need calf-height boots. The TWISTER-cross is simply much more comfortable.


You bought for a number of fire departments simultaneously. Why?

A number of fire departments were looking for new boots and the given requirements were similar. Which is why it made sense to combine the orders. This simplified the entire ordering process.

The TWISTER-cross with the short leg height of 190 mm was very popular with fire departments and rescue organizations. Compared to other boots it has a shorter bootleg but still meets all firefighting and rescue operation standards*. The high degree of wearing comfort of the TWISTER-cross is a huge advantage compared to other boots. Particularly in Germany, many fire departments are betting on the TWISTER-cross. And some rescue organizations are already using it in Austria. For example, some departments of the Worker's Samaritan Foundation and the Red Cross, who have already equipped their staff with the new protective boots.

*special requirements for Austria acc. to ÖBFV-RL KS06 (Austrian Federal Fire Brigade Association).


You can find additional information for the TWISTER-cross here.