listopad 7, 2013

Watch out Rosenbauer fans!

The new PANTHER 6x6 model with STINGER has arrived!

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The PANTHER 6x6 recently delivered to Warsaw's Modlin Airport was the template for this model.


Fitted with a fully mobile boom, also called STINGER or HRET (High Reach Extendible Turret), emergency aircraft fires can be tackled even more efficiently. The piercing tool, which is implemented as a puncture nozzle, makes this possible since it allows the full monitor output of 6,000 liters to be fed into the aircraft skin.


In the 1:43 scale emergency vehicle miniature, the movable boom achieves an even closer likeness with the original and has everything that is noticeable about the PANTHER 6x6 at first glance: aesthetics, strength and the unmistakable charm of an automotive giant! The model is made up of a combination of die-cast zinc parts and plastic parts and has an optimum level of detailing.


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