Rosenbauer as 'Presenting Partner' at the Red Bull 400

The toughest 400 meters in the world - that's what awaits the participants in the Red Bull 400 World Championships on the ski-jump hill in Bischofshofen. It gets even tougher for those male firefighters who have to struggle up the extreme gradient in the 'Firefighters' category in firefighter pants and helmet. For that, concentration, power and agility are needed - values which are equally suited to Rosenbauer and make the company the perfect partner for this event.

Red Bull 400 is a series of events in many different places around the whole world, at which firefighters can push their limits alongside sports enthusiasts. The aim is to tackle the run and start of a 400 meter ski-jump hill with an extreme gradient as quickly as possible. The world champion in this unique competition will be chosen this year on August 25 on the Paul Ausserleitner ski jump in Bischofshofen (Salzburg) - famous the world over as the venue of the Four Hills Tournament.

Rosenbauer is also onboard, namely as 'Presenting Partner' in the Firefighters category. In this distinctive assessment of firefighters, added to the already great challenge is having to tackle the course in firefighter pants and helmet. Pursuing new paths and pushing the limits in the process - not only does this apply to the participating fire departments, but also fits the company's image as world-leading manufacturer of firefighting technology. Rosenbauer supports fire departments around the world in the most difficult of operations with their products. Since everything is also demanded of the firefighters in the Red Bull 400, Rosenbauer, as a 'Presenting Partner', will come up with a few ideas to spur the participants on to top performances.

Registration for the Red Bull 400 Event has been open since April 1, 2018. Anyone interested in this unique event can not only register for the World Championships in Bischofshofen but also for competitions in other venues.

Photos: © Mirja Geh / Red Bull Content Pool