More PANTHER. More safety.

As one of the most spectacular firefighting vehicles ever, the PANTHER catches the eye with its outstanding extinguishing power and impressive driving performance. The latest technology and sophisticated systems not only increase the safety of passengers and employees at an airport, but above all that of the crew.


"We're impressed by the new PANTHER." That is, in short, the welcome feedback from those in charge at Wellington International Airport, in New Zealand's capital. A few weeks ago, a new PANTHER 6x6 was delivered there, the equipment of which has been adapted to the local conditions. Wellington airport is not an large airport, but is instead rather compact. For vehicles, this means there isn't endless space to maneuver. Thanks to rear-wheel steering, the new PANTHER has a relatively small turning circle and is therefore even more maneuverable than the smaller predecessor vehicles.

Easy operation - even under stress

Beside the firefighting equipment, the new PANTHER 6x6 impresses especially with its intuitive operation and maximum safety for the crew. "Firefighting vehicles need to be easy to operate in an emergency," say those in charge of Wellington International Airport. In other words, "The PANTHER is a high-tech vehicle that's easy to understand. Because of this, it can be controlled quickly and efficiently - even in extremely demanding operational situations." The new PANTHER is also a further development of its predecessors in terms of operation. This continuity made it relatively easy for Wellington International Airport's firefighters to switch from its older PANTHER 6x6 (built in 2014) to the latest generation of the Rosenbauer flagship.

Improved handling and greater safety

The further technical development and improvement also affects the driving characteristics and safety systems of the PANTHER 6x6. Thanks to a slightly lower center of gravity, the latest PANTHER generation impresses with its improved handling. Electronic systems also help the driver in tricky situations. This starts with the electronically controlled brakes and goes all the way through to the RSC (roll stability control). This system intervenes in extreme situations through the reduction of engine torque or by automatic braking. Thus, the risk of vehicle rollover is significantly reduced.


The cabin of the PANTHER not only offers optimum all-round visibility thanks to its large glass surface, but it has also been put through its paces in a series of crash tests. Another highlight is the opportunity to obtain a bird's eye perspective of the vehicle, thanks to Birdview. This realistic image of the environment is easily brought up on the cockpit display.

Good gets even better

Safety is the highest priority at airports. The new PANTHER will increase the safety of everybody: passengers, employees and, not least, that of the firefighters themselves. The positive feedback from Wellington shows that Rosenbauer has tweaked the right features in the development: "The new PANTHER is highly innovative but still implemented so that it's easy to use. Rosenbauer has once again decisively improved a heavyweight in the world of firefighting vehicles."