The start of a new era

Better personal protection for the crew and more efficient aid in an emergency: the new portable pump with water (TSF-W) is the start of a new era for the Roggden-Hettlingen Fire Department (Bavaria). A portable pump vehicle more than 30 years old was replaced with a new Compact Line vehicle from Rosenbauer equipped for the requirements of the field.


Accidents, floods, rescue operations, and fire: the Roggden-Hettlingen Fire Department (Bavaria) is confronted with numerous challenges. The old vehicle was not only outdated in terms of its technical condition and equipment, but the cost of maintenance and repairs was no longer sustainable. The purchase of a new vehicle was the right solution to these problems. And nothing was left to chance when it came to making a selection. A separate expert opinion was commissioned to determine the ideal vehicle type for scenarios typical to the respective field of deployment. The result: a portable pump vehicle with water that stands up to the challenge of dealing with a variety of operations, thanks to its corresponding equipment.


Low removal heights for maximum user-friendliness

The choice fell on a Compact Line vehicle from Rosenbauer, the benefits of which impressed our colleagues from the Roggden-Hettlingen Fire Department. The superstructure, fire & safety equipment, and extinguishing system are all tailored to the local requirements. Especially important to Commander Christian Mayrböck was the clear partitioning and user-friendly removal of the different items of equipment. The superstructure of the Compact Line provides the benefit of low removal heights, in that numerous objects are removed comfortably from ground level. "We have a few women in our fire department, too. All of our firefighters benefit from the low removal heights, both men and women," says Mayrböck. Thanks to an interchangeable module, important special equipment can be transported to every operation: the power generator, cooling fan, foam generator or trolley are stowed quickly in the designated space in the vehicle.


More space – more equipment – more emergency crews

There was space for only three crew members in the old Roggden-Hettlingen Fire Department vehicle, which caused enormous tactical issues. The new TSF-W accommodates an entire brigade (six persons). Two of the seats are equipped with SCBA holders and a further two seats with additional breathing protection equipment. The thermal imaging camera cannot only quickly locate the seat of a fire, but also clearly improves the safety of the emergency crew.


The extinguishing system is stored in the rear of the vehicle. As is common with a TSF-W, a portable fire pump is used. The FOX III can be operated within the vehicle or removed as needed. It is stored on an inclined elevator and is connected directly to the 600 liter water tank as standard. A discharge outlet C is also located in the equipment compartment.


Another important concern for the leaders at the Roggden-Hettlingen Fire Department was the vehicle lighting. For operations on state roads, traffic warning devices and scene lighting together with a pneumatically retractable light mast are a big help – not only in terms of safety, but also for conducting work on scene. Despite its array of comprehensive equipment, the TSF-W vehicle built onto the MAN TGL chassis is extremely compact at just 2.35 meters wide. The resulting maneuverability is impressive and makes easy work of tight alleyways and narrow streets.


With the new TSF-W of the Compact Line from Rosenbauer, Roggden now has a vehicle with a broad application spectrum that provides emergency crews with maximum comfort. "The vehicle and equipment provide the best possible protection for the crew. And we can aid the public faster and more effectively in the event of an emergency," points out Commander Christian Mayrböck, who is highly satisfied with the new vehicle.