A success story: Delivery of the 300th STINGER

Its design: eye-catching. Its extinguishing effect: impressive. Its success: significant. The 300th STINGER extinguishing arm developed by Rosenbauer on a PANTHER 8x8 was recently delivered to Munich Airport.

In retrospect, the development of the STINGER can be described as groundbreaking. In 2007, Rosenbauer engineers introduced the new extinguishing arm, which was specifically designed for the PANTHER 6x6 and PANTHER 8x8 firefighting trucks. The first version was 16.5 meters long and made of aluminum. Despite its length, the low weight ensured that the center of gravity of the vehicle could be kept relatively low.

"Piercing tool" to pierce aircraft hulls

It was not only the extinguishing arm itself that was completely redeveloped, but also the RM65 monitor, which was specially designed for the STINGER, as well as the so-called "piercing tool." The monitor has a capacity of 6,000 liters of water per minute. In addition, a water/foam mixture and/or dry powder can also be used. With the optional piercing tool, firefighters are able to pierce an aircraft in the event of emergency, i.e. break the outer skin to extinguish a fire inside and quickly reduce the temperature, thus enabling emergency crews to get to work in the interior. In order to allow use of the piercing tool from above (e.g. from the aircraft top) or below (e.g. in the event of a fire in the luggage compartment), it can be swiveled by up to 180°.

Versatile application - simple operation

While the potential applications of the STINGER are incredibly diverse, its operation is equally simple. Single-handed operation makes control of the entire vehicle - including the extinguishing arm - by just a single person possible, if needed. Further support is provided through three different pre-programmed attack positions that can be set up at the push of a button. The automatic storage function is yet another feature to make operation easier: the extinguishing arm, launcher, and piercing tool are automatically returned to their stowed position.

Industrial and municipal versions

The STINGER performed impressively shortly after its introduction. And this was not limited to airport fire departments around the world, but also includes other areas of application. Due to the demand from industry, a variant of the extinguishing arm was developed for use on standard chassis; however, this required some other major innovations. The 360° infinite rotatability of the extinguishing arm and optional operation from outside the vehicle by means of a radio remote control facilitate even greater operational flexibility. The piercing tool can also be used in the industrial sector: for example, to allow the penetration and extinguishing of containers in major ports.

Not only did the scope of application of the STINGER grow continuously, but so did the extinguishing arm itself. In 2010, a new, longer variant was developed. Since then, the STINGER66 with a length of 66 feet (or 20 meters) was put on the market for use on both the PANTHER and on industrial fire trucks. In 2016, the portfolio was finally expanded to include a municipal variant, the AT-STINGER.

With the delivery of the PANTHER 8x8 to Munich Airport, the 300th STINGER recently went into operation. Airport, industrial, and municipal fire departments in 50 countries around the world are now equipped with vehicles fitted with Rosenbauer's unique extinguishing arm. And the continuous further development will surely guarantee that the next milestone and the next anniversary will be celebrated in the not-too-distant future.