Four PANTHERs for Nepal: At the Summit of Technology

Not only is Nepal home to the world's highest peaks, but it will also soon host some of the world's most powerful and modern ARFF vehicles. Because four new PANTHER 6x6 are on their way to keep the new "Gautam Buddha" airport on the border with India safe.

Nepal is a small country compared to its neighbours India and China. And the infrastructure is still not very advanced in many regions. With the new "Gautam Buddha" airport on the border with India, only the second(!) international airport will be opened in Nepal in 2021. However, when it comes to equipping its airport with ARFF vehicles, Nepal is in no way inferior to its big neighbors: on the contrary, the four new PANTHER 6x6 provide everything that is needed.

New "Gateway to the World"

The reason for the expansion of a second airport to become an international airport is grounded in Nepal's recent history. The country's only major airport in the capital, Kathmandu, was badly damaged in the devastating 2015 earthquake. This made it incredibly difficult for international relief teams to reach the areas most affected by the crisis. And the many aid shipments that were sent to Nepal by plane all had to be processed through a single airport. The new "Gautam Buddha" airport will act as an additional gateway to the world, and not only in times of crisis.

The four PANTHER 6x6 that will be based at this new international airport will play a major role in this. The vehicles are already eye-catchers with their flashy yellow-green finish, but their technical equipment leaves nothing to be desired either. All of the vehicles are equipped with the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) driving safety system and Volvo EURO 5 engines with an impressive 700 hp to ensure that they have all the driving power required.

Powerful Extinguishing Systems

At the core of the extinguishing system lies the N80 pump, made of a light alloy, which can pump 8,000 liters of water per minute at 10 bar. A 12,000-liter water and 1,500-liter foam tank supply the extinguishing agent. The proportioning ratio can be set to 3%, 6% or 8% at the push of a button. The extinguishing agent can be applied in a variety of ways: One of the four new PANTHER 6x6s is even equipped with a STINGER extinguishing arm, which features an RM65 water turret, piercing tool and a forward-looking infrared camera, and which can be extended up to 16.5 meters and is controlled from the driver's cab using a joystick. The other three vehicles are all fitted with a roof-mounted RM80 turret. All four vehicles are also capable of extinguishing with an RM15 bumper monitor. With ground-sweep nozzles, a dry powder unit, and quick-action reels, the vehicles are well-equipped for a wide variety of operational scenarios. For night-time operations, a pneumatically extendable floodlight mast with eight rotating and swiveling LED floodlights provides the appropriate illumination.

The opening of the new "Gautam Buddha" airport marks another milestone in the development of Nepal. And here at Rosenbauer, we are proud that the four new PANTHER 6x6s will make an important contribution to this.