First PANTHER 6x6 in Germany goes to Dortmund

The Dortmund Airport Fire Department is called to at least one minor operation almost daily. In just a few weeks, the crew will have spectacular, powerful and the most modern support in the form of a new, high-performance fire fighting vehicle: The first PANTHER 6x6 will be delivered to the German metropolis at the end of September.

The Dortmund Airport Fire Department was called to 360 operations last year. The operations primarily entailed rescue operations, technical assistance and small fire fighting operations. The vehicle fleet is appropriately equipped: CFR vehicles, multiple smaller fire fighting vehicles, an ambulance vehicle as well as a command and communications apparatus and a command vehicle. And the fleet is receiving a major upgrade at the end of September: With the new PANTHER 6x6 from Rosenbauer, an old vehicle is being replaced with a more powerful and effective fire fighting vehicle. And in terms of safety, the new Panther is also equipped with the latest technology.

Strong, safe & environmentally friendly

In addition to the powerful extinguishing capabilities of the PANTHER 6x6, two other aspects played an important role for the Dortmund Airport Fire Department: safety as well as environmental friendliness. In addition to fulfilling the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the tender placed a great deal of value on these two points.

The PANTHER 6x6 excels in all of these areas. Disc brakes ensure outstanding deceleration values and the cockpit of the Rosenbauer flagship offers crews optimal safety. Not to mention the intuitive operation of the extinguishing systems, which make work easier for the crew. The environmental requirements are easily fulfilled thanks to the Euro 6 engine.

PANTHER is unrivaled

The anticipation for the PANTHER 6x6 is enormous: "The new PANTHER with its well-made and sophisticated vehicle concept is unrivaled," says Thomas Claas from the Dortmund Airport Fire Department.   Fire fighting vehicles from Rosenbauer have proven reliable and effective in operations already conducted at the Dortmund Airport.

In operation around the clock

The Dortmund Airport Fire Department comprises two fire brigades – one full-time and one part-time. The latter is a volunteer fire department consisting of 40 members. They are employees of the ground handling services, who in addition to basic training have also completed a training course in aircraft fire fighting. Six members play a role in the fire department in addition to their regular duties. In the event of an alarm, they man their vehicles and the operational leader sends them to the corresponding points. The full-time fire brigade consists of 23 members, five of whom are always on duty in 24-hour shifts. Thus eleven fire fighters are ready for action around the clock.

With their equipment and the fire fighting vehicles, the crew is always ready for an emergency, which will hopefully never happen. Thanks to its powerful extinguishing systems, sophisticated safety concept, and simple operation, the new PANTHER 6x6 provides valuable support in numerous operations.