EMEREC at the Alkoven Fire Department

Challenging and complex assignments, accurate documentation, coordination between fire departments and other emergency response organizations, and much more: the rapid provision of accurate information is a central task and challenge of the modern fire department. The Alkoven Fire Department in Upper Austria relies on the operations management system EMEREC.

The Alkoven Fire Department's range of activities shows just how many scenarios must be anticipated: busy streets, flood-prone areas, and numerous regional tasks represent special challenges in addition to fires and rescue operations. In addition to these hazard potentials, the general requirements of the fire department have increased in recent years.

Effective coordination through up-to-date information

The massive flood disasters along the Donau in recent years have been especially challenging. The experience gained from the resulting operations was used to create evacuation plans and maps to be better prepared for future disasters. Now, the actual water levels are directly reported to crisis management. EMEREC helps above all with the exchange of data between the division leader, headquarters, and crew leader. Current information from the survey crew can be used in real time for improved coordination. "Headquarters has a lot of information at the beginning of an operation. Over the course of the operation, however, the focus turns to the operation site, which makes efficient and functioning communication extremely important. With the EMEREC, you have a tool that provides immense support," explains Michael Baumann, Navigator and Communications Commander for the Alkoven Fire Department.

The Institut Hartheim is a specialized organization that cares for mentally and physically impaired persons located within the coverage area of the Alkoven Fire Department. An emergency evacuation would be a great challenge, since some of the residents are not mobile. Thanks to the EMEREC, property maps and evacuation plans are quickly available anywhere, on scene or at headquarters, and these can be worked through quickly.

Support for all operations

The EMEREC operations management system doesn't just show its strengths in large-scale emergencies. It also provides important support for the crew and command center in all other types of operations. From responding to alarms by smartphone via EMEREC Mobile to travel routes, location maps and fire protection plans; essentially all required information is available at a moment's notice. "Thanks to the different solutions – from the smartphone app to the operations tablet – we have the right tool for every situation," comments Markus Unter, Commander of the Alkoven Fire Department, about the versatility of the EMEREC.

With the Polsing Fire Department, the second fire department tasked with regional duties are using the EMEREC as well. The shared platform makes the exchange of data easy and effective, not only during but also in preparation for an operation.

Always on the cutting edge

Data maintenance is another benefit the operations management system brings. "EMEREC helps us keep all information completely up-to-date. It also improves our consistency and saves time," says Michael Baumann. Data can be maintained from anywhere, which makes the work of the person responsible so much easier.

Support provided by quickly available information has become essential to the modern fire department. Thanks to its versatility, the EMEREC makes an important contribution to efficient coordination and the safe management of difficult operations.