marzec 24, 2020

COVID-19 pandemic

Rosenbauer takes various (preventive) measures

­As a system provider in fire and disaster protection, Rosenbauer has been committed to protecting people and protecting society for 150 years. Different (precautionary) measures should now help to counter the Covid-19 crisis as best as possible:

Rosenbauer prepares for temporary production cutback in Austria

In response to the rapid, ongoing spread of COVID-19 in Austria and the work stoppages announced by some of chassis manufacturers, Rosenbauer will be temporarily cutting production at its Austrian locations. In an initial step, the annual shutdown of the Austrian locations, which was originally scheduled for August, will therefore be brought forward to April 6–17, after which short-time work is to be requested as a precautionary measure in consultation with the Works Council. The exact details are currently being planned. Critical functions and customer service will remain in place; disruptions for international Group locations are to be avoided wherever possible. Rosenbauer kicked this year off with a record order level of more than €1.1 billion, and there have been no cancellations so far.

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Additional software licenses in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis

As an operational organization, you are making an important contribution to coping with the current situation these days. No matter whether fire brigade, police, rescue or any other emergency organization: They all do important and outstanding work. We at Rosenbauer want to support you as best we can, which is why we provide you as our user with our EMEREC digital system solutions, corresponding software solutions for the coordination and organization of your operations.

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Service around the clock

Because of many governments' efforts to combat the corona virus around the world, many companies have already closed. Rosenbauer makes every effort to continue to provide its services worldwide when it comes to technical support via the respective hotline, spare parts supply and emergency repairs.

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Recommendations for disinfectants to be used with Rosenbauer extinguishing systems

  • Chlorine-free and non-fat-dissolving disinfectants, such as hydrogen peroxide, are preferred
  • Each application must be coordinated in advance with the relevant health authorities
  • After each operation, the pump system must be thoroughly flushed with fresh water

Due to numerous inquiries about the use of disinfectants with Rosenbauer extinguishing systems for large-scale applications relating to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, Rosenbauer issues the following recommendations:

  1. When using Rosenbauer extinguishing systems, chlorine-free and non-fat-dissolving disinfectants, such as hydrogen peroxide, are generally preferred. These are less aggressive than chlorine-containing disinfectants such as sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach) and have less of a detrimental effect on both the materials of the extinguishing systems (tanks, pumps, peripherals ...), as well as other surfaces, such as manhole covers and street signs. Chlorine-free disinfectants also place much less of a burden on emergency personnel.
  2. The selection and use of disinfectants by the emergency services must in any case be coordinated in advance with the relevant health authorities. No use without official approval!
  3. The best way is to add disinfectants to the water tank filled with fresh water as this will dilute the disinfectants considerably prior to them coming into contact with the extinguishing technology. This can be done via the dome cover or via the water tank drain valve using an external pump. From Rosenbauer's point of view, this method is preferable to all others. Under no circumstances should disinfectants be introduced into the water tank using the "pump to tank" function, as this will cause the entire pumping system to come into contact with concentrated disinfectant agent.
  4. As an alternative, disinfectants can also be added to the water using an existing foam proportioning system. The Rosenbauer FIXMIX and FIXMIX 2.0 around-the-pump systems, as well as the DIGIDOS and DIGIMATIC direct-injection systems in municipal vehicles and MIXMATIC, FOAMATIC and HYDROMATIC direct-injection systems in industrial vehicles are also suitable for this.
  5. Disinfectants can also be used in the Rosenbauer UHPS ultra-high-pressure-system. Ideally, the decontamination agent should be placed in the water tank once it has already been filled with fresh water.  The Water-DEKON mixture is finely atomized and is particularly suited to surface decontamination.
  6. After each operation, the pump system must be thoroughly flushed using fresh water. If disinfectants are added via a foam proportioning system, this must also be flushed thoroughly after each operation.

Attention: Damages caused to Rosenbauer extinguishing systems by the use of disinfectants for applications relating to SARS-CoV-2 are not covered by the warranty. It is due to this that Rosenbauer has decided to provide special terms for fire services relating to the sale of spare parts and repair services for any repairs required.

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