Rescue stairs

Airfield operation of the highest level

The rescue stair is a specially developed operational vehicle for rapid evacuation of aircraft passengers. At the same time, operational forces like firefighters, rescue and emergency personnel can gain access to the interior of the aircraft.

Robustness and ease of use are the main feature of this type of vehicle. A particular highlight is the multi-supported intuitive operating concept of the rescue stairs from Rosenbauer: all functions can be controlled by just one person.

Impresses with

  • Operational heights of up to 8.30 m (A380)
  • All functions operable by one person
  • Generous space for safe operation
  • Glare-free lighting concept for the evacuation area

High Level

The E8000/E3000 rescue stair is conceived purely as a rescue device. All functions are designed for minimal rescue times.


This multi-faceted operational vehicle is characterized by very special functions:

  • HLCS - Height Level Control System: Easy to operate pre-selection system on a display with a graphical user interface in the driver's cab.
  • Simple and very quick pre-selection of door heights from all current vehicle types.
  • ARL - Automatic Level Regulation with height equalization for surface unevenness of more than 200 mm.
  • Generously dimensioned platform for safe working conditions
  • Closed side panels on the entire stair and platform area increase safety and prevent fear of falling
  • Platform and steps over the entire effective area of the steps (always horizontal to the chassis)
  • Excellent and glare-free illumination of vehicle surroundings or evacuation area.
  • High drive stability thanks to 3-axle concept

Tests passed. Airport requirements met.

Bodywork and type testing was carried out in accordance with the following standards:

  • EN 12312-1 Aircraft ground support equipment - Specific requirements Part 1: Passenger stairs
  • EN 1915-1 Aircraft ground support equipment - General requirements Part 1: Basic safety requirements
  • EN 1915-2 Aircraft ground support equipment - General requirements Part 2: Stability and strength requirements, calculations and test methods
  • Risk analysis according to EN 414
  • European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • TÜV type testing according to the listed standards