The portable CAFS extinguisher.

The RFC POLY Portex is as compact as a conventional fire extinguisher or hand-pump extinguisher, but exceeds their extinguishing capacity many times over. The portable CAFS fire extinguisher can be fully operated with protective gloves and works reliably in any situation. With an extinguishing agent quantity of 10 litres of water, the RFC POLY Portex enables an uninterrupted extinguishing attack for approximately 60 seconds.


Impresses with

  • High-performance CAFS technology
  • Application-optimized design
  • Consistent Model Range

Excellent wearing comfort

Due to its light weight and ergonomically optimized handles, the RFC POLY Portex can be carried by one or two persons to a fire source quickly and easily. Transportation to more distant or higher operational locations is facilitated by an optionally available trolley or backpack, both of which are removable.


Advantages of the RFC POLY Portex

  • Portable, very compact extinguishing system
  • Can be operated with protective gloves
  • Removable trolley and back carrier
  • Throw distance/height: 12 m / 8 m
  • Flow rate: 11 l/min
  • Operating time: 55 sec