The ET in Slovenia

Eight Slovenian fire departments have put a Rosenbauer ET into service in recent months. They have opted for a vehicle concept that combines first-class firefighting technology with a highly efficient design, hence the name ET for Efficient Technology.


Vehicles of the ET series have many configuration options and offer a payload that is precisely tailored to the individual requirements of any given fire department. Utmost attention was paid to providing an economical overall package, which makes the ET particularly attractive to voluntary fire departments.

Oldest fire department

The Metlika fire department is one of the eight Slovenian fire departments that recently started using a Rosenbauer ET. Metlika has around 8,200 inhabitants and is located in the southeast of Slovenia. As everywhere else in the country, the fire department is organized at the community level and is a major part of communal life. It has 190 members (39 active) and is deployed around 30 times a year. The fleet consists of two tank firefighting vehicles, a turntable ladder, a command vehicle, and a crew transporter. The alert area extends beyond the confines of the town and covers the entire municipality, the area of which totals 108.9 square kilometers.

Strong backbone

The Metlika fire department was founded on September 18, 1869, making it the oldest in Slovenia. By 1881, another 38 volunteer fire departments had been established, and in 1914 there were already more than 380 in the country. Today, a total of 1,299 volunteer organizations form the backbone of the Slovenian fire service. They are organized in a similar way to Austria and enjoy an equally strong international reputation. There are also 14 professional fire departments, making the Slovenian fire department network one of the densest and most efficient in the world.

Creating value in Slovenia

Generally speaking, the ETs for the Slovenian market are produced in the Rosenbauer Gornja Radgona plant. One such example is the vehicle for the Metlika fire department. This is a GVC 16/25 (Gasilsko vozilo s cisterno - Extinguishing vehicle with tank) as specified by the Slovenian Fire Department Association, which roughly corresponds to an Austrian rescue assistance vehicle (Hilfeleistungslöschfahrzeug - HLF). The vehicle has a total weight of 15.5 tons and can carry 2,500 liters of water on board. It is fitted with an FPN 10-2000 normal pressure pump and an FPH 40-250 high pressure pump and has a tactical firefighting crew on board. In addition to the extinguishing technology, the vehicle is equipped with extensive equipment for technical, relief, and rescue operations.


In addition to the Metlika fire department, those of Homec, Laško, Savci, and Šentilj also opted for a GVC 16/25, while the fire departments of Lokrovec-Dobrova, Šmarjeta and Ilirska Bistrica each commissioned a GVC 24/50. This roughly corresponds to a TLF 5,000 with crew superstructure, and is just one of many country-specific variants in which the ET can be manufactured.