Industrial direct injection foam proportioning system 

Foam - continuously as needed

The Rosenbauer HYDROMATIC is THE industrial balanced-pressure foam proportioning system. Foam can be individually mixed, per outlet, from 1% to 7%. A gear pump is used as a foam compound pump, which is driven via a hydraulic drive from the secondary power take-off of the vehicle.

Impresses with

  • Water pump free of foam
  • Large foam compound quantities
  • Foam compound output only as needed
  • Individually adjustable proportioning rate per outlet
  • Usage of different foam compound sources


  • Own foam concentrate pump with drive
  • The foam concentrate pump drive is regulated so that the pressure on the foam side always remains at 0.5 bar above the pressure on the water side
  • Venturi proportioners on all outlets adjust the quantity of foam compound to the corresponding water quantity
  • Individually adjustable proportioning rate per outlet
  • Proportioning rate steplss adjustable from 1% - 7%
  • Easy operation thanks to Rosenbauer LCS
  • External suction
  • Foam compound tank filling possible

Foam compound pump

  • Rosenbauer gear pump G8 (800 lpm at 17 bar), G12 (1,200 lpm at 17 bar) or G2 (240 lpm at 17 bar – on request only)
  • With gunmetal housing and shaft made from stainless steel
  • Helical cut gear for reduction of pressure peaks and for reduced noise
  • Maintenance-free mechanical sealing
  • Driven via hydraulic drive - drive from secondary power take-off
  • Only the foam compound that is really needed is fed - no "pumping back to the foam tank" and thus no unnecessary damage to foam compound
  • Also suitable for the use of highly viscous or pseudo-plastic foam compounds
  • The foam compound pump requires no extra priming pump - self-priming
  • The foam compound can be supplied either from up to two foam compound tanks or from an external foam compound source
  • Foam compound pump can also be used to fill the foam compound tank and to supply other vehicles


Proportioner per outlet

One foam compound valve and one proportioner are installed on each outlet. This means you can individually adjust the proportioning rate per outlet, between 1 and 7%.

Proportioner sizes with corresponding output (in liters):


The corresponding proportioner must be installed according to water flow.

  • 1 1/2" : 75 to 340 l/min
  • 2 1/2": 380 to 1,200 l/min
  • 4": 1,320 to 4,500 l/min
  • 6": 2,570 to 9,500 l/min


  • Various sizes of the foam compound pump (800 lpm or 1,200 lpm at 17 bar or 240 lpm on request only)
  • Foam compound tank filling after operation
  • Different number and sizes of outlets
  • Foam compound pressure outlet to supply other vehicles


Easy operation

  • Operation via LCS 2.0 control system - best implementation in vehicle and pump operation
  • Select the foam compound source or the foam compound tank filling via LCS 2.0
  • Setting the proportioning rate manually directly on the outlet or via the display for the turret