Fast, all-terrain, and effektiv: The POLY ATV SL100

Impassable terrain, large crowds, and wide open spaces: For the Ort im Innkreis fire department, the "Woodstock der Blasmusik" festival is quite a challenge. For this reason, Rosenbauer's know-how and products were used this year for additional support, namely in the form of a POLY ATV SL100.


All-terrain and maneuverable, not to mention equipped with CAFS firefighting equipment: The POLY ATV SL100 is predestined for use in confined spaces and on rough terrain, which are exactly the type of conditions present at the "Woodstock der Blasmusik" festival (we reported on this in our last newsletter). possible link to article


Of course, larger vehicles are difficult to transport to an operation site quickly at a multi-stage event site with thousands of visitors. With the small and maneuverable POLY ATV SL100, however, almost any location can be reached relatively quickly.

Excellent Extinguishing Performance

With the CAFS extinguishing system, the three-man crew has a powerful firefighting system at its disposal. The extinguishing system does not require any external energy sources, which means it is ready for use any time, anywhere. The CAF foam ensures an efficient extinguishing process with relatively low water consumption. Smaller fires – like in dustbins – can be extinguished quickly. But even for initial attacks on major fires, the fire can be effectively contained or slowed down until additional vehicles reach the site. The 100-liter water tank has enough capacity for nearly fives minutes of extinguishing.


Not only is the extinguishing system extremely efficient, it is also very easy to operate. The CAFS nozzle can be activated as soon as the compressed air bottle valve is turned open. The throw range of up to 16 meters ensures that emergency crews can extinguish the seat of the fire from a safe distance.

Tried and Tested Vehicle

The Ort im Innkreis fire department has once again contributed to the success of the "Woodstock der Blasmusik" festival. "Due to the compact dimensions, off-road capability, ease of use, and excellent extinguishing performance, the POLY ATV SL100 has proven its worth," validates the responsible fire department.


In addition to the POLY ATV SL100, the EMEREC operational management system was used in preparation for and during the "Woodstock der Blasmusik" festival. Rosenbauer is pleased with the positive feedback and that it was able to decisively contribute to the event's success and the safety of the festival.