Rapid intervention hose reel

A reel for all situations: multi-faceted and universal

The Rosenbauer rapid intervention hose reel is a universal hose reel according to the modular design principle. The most diverse of drum widths are available starting with the 700 mm wide manual basic version.

The rapid intervention fire hose reel is suitable for normal and high-pressure extinguishing water or fire fighting foam as well as for powder extinguishing agents .

Impresses with

  • All-round hose window
  • Interior electric drive
  • Durability
  • Contamination resistant

Main versions

  • Drum width 500 to 1,000 mm
  • Nominal hose width 19 to 38 mm
  • Hose length up to 100 m
  • Connection thread inches or metric
  • Manual operation from left or right, with multiple crank lengths and plug-in positions
  • Additional electric drive (12 or 24 V)

All fire hose reel versions are suitable and tested for:

  • Normal and high-pressure extinguishing water
  • Fire fighting foam (also CAFS)
  • Dry powder

All-round hose window

The hose window folds out over the outer contour of the vehicle. This way the hose does not touch the vehicle , thus ensuring there is no damage to the paintwork. Three plastic bearing guide rollers even with large hose diameters enable smooth-running winding and rewinding on all sides.

Safety through interior electric drive

To save space the electric drive is built into the reel (12 V/140 W, 24 V/100 W). It has safety overload coupling (slip clutch) as well as a planetary drive (1:19 gear ratio). This results in a take-up speed of 45 m/min at 24 V and 33 m/min for the 12 V version. The compact construction without free-running reel chain drive saves space in the vehicle and prevents any injury risk.

Manual standard crank

  • Pluggable: horizontal, at a 45 degree angle, vertically by means of an angular gearbox
  • Crank lengths: 680 or 1,250 mm
  • The reel brake acts as a clamping lever on the drive shaft

Durability and resistance to contamination resistant

The rapid intervention fire hose reel is made from corrosion-resistant materials:

  • Drum made from PE plastic
  • Rim flanges made from high-quality ABS plastic
  • Mounting frame powder-coated
  • Crank drive (pinion and disk gear) from cast aluminum
  • Hose window made from aluminum
  • Water-carrying parts and connectors made from corrosion-resistant anodized lightweight metal

The reels are characterized by a robust design and easy cleaning.

Pressure roller for FORMTEX normal pressure hose

A pressure roller is available for the FORMTEX normal pressure hose, which holds the hose package securely on the reel in operation.


Extensive mounting positions

The universal mounting frame can be installed on multiple points of the vehicle:

  • Standing
  • Hanging
  • On the rear wall

The reel is attached in all positions with just four screws.