Safe and effective for all your operations.

The RTE FX combines high-end technology, an intuitive operating concept and the highest material and manufacturing quality to create a top-of-the-range functional and cost-effective product. The RTE FX is made of anodised aluminium, stainless steel and fibre-glass reinforced plastic and is designed as a maintenance-free operational tool.

Impresses with

  • Cubic design for intuitive operation
  • Slide valve for regulation of the flow rate
  • Optimised FX ERGO handle
  • FX absorber with built-in suspension
  • Fast attack position as a pre-set start setting

RTE FX 235 and RTE FX 400 technical data

The RTE FX is available with different couplings according to EN standard.


ModelRTE FX 235RTE FX 400
Adjustable flow rate
in l/min

approx. 40
approx. 130
approx. 235

approx. 130
approx. 235
approx. 400

Maximum throw rangeapprox. 35 mapprox. 41 m
Lengthapprox. 32 cmapprox. 32 cm
Weightapprox. 2,2 kgapprox. 2,2 kg


The performance data of the flow rate and the throw range are given according to the specifications in reference to a working pressure of 6 bar at the nozzle. Length and weight with Storz C coupling.


New design. Proven quality.

Robust, fixed sprocket and new FX absorber with built-in suspension

Fast attack design, for intuitive operation with 3 maximum flow rate levels

New FX ERGO handle for optimised handling and perfect grip, with an additional handle protector made of shock-absorbing material

Rotating coupling part with practical mounting lug

New slide valve for an always clean stream pattern, and shock and abrasion-proof U-bolt connection

Fast Attack Position

The Fast Attack position is the standard start setting of the RTE FX and is created when the flow and spray pattern settings are parallel. It forms the optimum start position for indoor fire attacks, with a medium spray jet and 235 litres. Recognisable and tactile, even with protective gloves and in zero visibility.

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