Specially designed for wetting agent applications, the direct injection foam proportioning system celebrates a small anniversary.

The Berlin fire department in Germany uses the system, as do the fire department of Schutz und Rettung Zürich in Switzerland and the Linz professional fire department in Austria. We are talking about the DIGIMATIC 42, the Rosenbauer direct injection foam compound proportioning system for municipal and industrial firefighting operations. A total of 500 of these systems have been installed in the last four years in vehicles of professional, plant, and volunteer fire departments, predominantly from the DACH region. The Anniversary DIGIMATIC is in a TLF 3.000 of the Bregenz-Vorkloster Volunteer Fire Department.


Precise wetting agent operation

The DIGIMATIC was developed in cooperation with the Fire and Emergency School Rheinland-Pfalz with the aim of ensuring safe and efficient wetting agent operation. It is able to precisely and reliably introduce very small amounts of foam compound into the fire fighting water. The effect is similar to soap – the surface tension of the water is reduced and, as a result, it can penetrate very deeply into the burning material and a significantly better extinguishing effect can be achieved than without additive proportioning. The DIGIMATIC 42 achieves a proportioning ratio of 0.1%, which corresponds to the amount of a glass of champagne with a jet output of 100 l/min.

Fire departments use mains water not only to extinguish hot spots, but also more and more frequently in solid fuel fires and building fires. It has the advantage that less extinguishing agent is used than with pure water and less water damage is produced, which makes the DIGIMATIC an extinguishing system with a great future for environmental reasons as well.


Broad spread

The proportioning ratio of the DIGIMATC 42 can be infinitely adjusted between 0.1 and 6%; at the upper end of the spread, it reaches a maximum flow of 42 l/min. This opens up an area of application beyond wetting agent operation and allows a classic foam attack without additional proportioning. What's more, the performance of the DIGIMATIC 42 is large enough to supply turrets installed on the vehicle or several outlets or hose reels with foam. Up to three injection points are possible and both normal and high pressure outlets can be supplied. In the normal pressure range, the water pump remains foam-free, since the feed takes place only immediately before the pressure outlet.


User-friendly technology

The DIGIMATIC is operated using the tried-and-tested Rosenbauer LCS 2.0 (Logic Control System) and, therefore, uses the same logic as the entire fire-fighting technology installed in the vehicle. The water supply, the set proportioning ratio and the speed of the foam pump are electronically permanently adjusted and the current consumption (water, foam), the water and foam flow at the injection points and any warnings (e.g., empty foam tank) are automatically displayed. At the push of a button, pre-defined mixing quantities can be set and the whole system flushed after use.

Precision and reliability paired with a high output and simple operation are the differentiating characteristics of this DIGIMATIC 42.


The Anniversary DIGIMATIC

Due to its compact design, the DIGIMATIC 42 fits into small firefighting vehicles (Rosenbauer CL series) as well as in vehicles with larger tank volumes (AT, ET, CBS series). It is powered by an electric motor via the on-board electrical system; the robust pump technology (membrane pump) ensures maintenance-friendly operation.

The vehicle, in which the Anniversary DIGIMATIC was installed, is a tank firefighting vehicle on MAN TGM 18.340 4x4 with a gross vehicle weight of 18 tonnes and a crew of 7. It was manufactured as AT construction and has 3,000 liters of water and 2 x 200 liters of foam compound in separate tanks on board. The extinguishing system consists of a N35 firefighting pump with a capacity of up to 3,500 l/min at 10 bar, including a connected DIGIMATIC 42, which supplies an ND reel and a RM15C bumper turret that can be operated from the cab.

The turret in conjunction with a forward-looking infrared camera installed in the front bumper also indicates the area of application of the vehicle. It is used as a tunnel extinguishing vehicle and is stationed at the Bregenz-Vorkloster local fire department, one of the four volunteer fire departments of the Vorarlberg state capital.



- precise direct injection foam proportioning system
- electronically controlled, electrically driven
- proportioning ratio: 0.1 to 6% infinitely variable
- flow: 0.1 to 42 l/min at 10 bar
- two (optionally three) injection points
- LCS 2.0 operation (Logic Control System)
- suitable for all foam compounds up to 150 cST