1,000th German-produced AT


Rosenbauer Germany is celebrating a pleasing milestone: On December 6th, 2018 the 1000th AT left production at the Luckenwalde site. The jubilee vehicle was delivered to the Krefeld professional fire brigade, which intends to modernize its entire HLF fleet, and put four more identical AT into service.

Customized HLF

The vehicles are equipped with an HLF 20 adapted to the needs of the fire department and high-end extinguishing technology. The N35 centrifugal pump, conforming to FPN 10-3000, delivers a capacity of 3,500 l/min at 10 bar. The removable and manually operable RM24 roof turret delivers 3,000 l/min, with throw ranges of 80 m and 50 m in water and foam modes, respectively. The Rosenbauer pump pressure regulator maintains the set output pressure in all situations, and prevents pressure surges. The Rosenbauer Logic Control System ensures intuitive and error-free operation not only of extinguishing but also lighting technology, as well as certain aspects of the vehicle technology.

Flexible proportioning system

An additional highlight is the electronically driven and controlled DIGIMATIC42 additive-pressure mixing system: on the one hand, it allows the mixing of minimal amounts of foaming agent (0.1 l/min) and thus an efficient surfactant agent operation, while, on the other, the proportioning rate can be infinitely adjusted from 0.1% to 6.0% up to the maximum delivery rate of 42 l/min to supply the launcher or pressure outlets in equipment compartment 6, including the rapid intervention hose reel with foam.

Innovative delivery system

A special feature of the Krefeld AT is the brand new hose delivery system, which is installed in the lower part of the roof box. The system holds up to twelve B-hoses, which are laid out along the road while traveling at low speeds. It will be tested on the prototype in the coming months and, if it proves itself, will be installed across all five vehicles.

A master in its class

The Rosenbauer AT (Advanced Technology) is one of the world's top products among municipal firefighting vehicles. With over 5,000 units produced, it is one of the most successful vehicles in the entire history of firefighting, and is currently in use in more than 50 countries. Particularly impressive is its high degree of versatility and functionality, as well as its robustness and the level of safety it provides the crew. The AT is not just in service with voluntary fire brigades, but also professional urban and factory fire departments.

Further hallmarks of the AT include: the crew cab integrated into the body, which increases the space for crew and load and allows efficient loading of the roof; the patented rotating staircase, which locks automatically in any position and thus provides a safe step during rapid entry and exit; the interlocking connection of the cab and superstructure, which contributes to improving the driving dynamics and gives the AT its modern design, for which it was awarded the iF product design award (2010) and a nomination for the red dot award: product design (2011). Developed upon the AT for the first time by Rosenbauer, this interface solution soon found many imitators and eventually became a measure of safety and driving characteristics in municipal firefighting vehicles.

More than 200 vehicles per year

The AT has been produced at the Luckenwalde site for eight years, with the vehicles being delivered throughout Germany and occasionally to neighboring countries. Around 150 employees work in production, nowadays building more than 200 vehicles each year. In addition, Luckenwalde manufactures the cabins of the PANTHER ARFF vehicle, turntable ladder cages, and firefighting trucks for international distribution. Industrial structures along the entire value chain ensure product quality that is unmatched in the industry.

Rosenbauer Germany

Luckenwalde is located approximately 60 kilometers south of Berlin and is the headquarters of Rosenbauer Germany, which also includes sites in Karlsruhe and Viersen. Together with 18 other sales and service partners, Rosenbauer Germany ensures nationwide support for fire departments throughout Germany.

Rosenbauer Germany's offer includes a complete range of DIN, industrial and ARFF vehicles, aerial rescue equipment, and also firefighting-specific equipment, personal protective equipment and stationary extinguishing systems. In addition to fire departments, other clients include emergency response organizations such as the Federal Agency for Technical Relief, rescue services and the Federal Police.