August 1, 2013

PANTHER 6x6 Airport Viracopos

Latest delivery

A PANTHER 6x6 was delivered to the Viracopos airport in Brazil on July 18, 2013.


Viracopos International Airport is the largest air freight hub in South America by surface area and a major hub of air traffic in the Campinas region, one of the leading industrial, commercial and technological centers in Brazil. The airport is located 99 km from São Paulo.

It is the most important freight airport in the state of São Paulo and the second-most important in Brazil. Passenger volume is growing significantly. Currently, more than 7.5 million guests pass through the airport each year.

The airport will undergo a major expansion in the coming years, including two additional runways.

An additional PANTHER 6x6 will be delivered in November 2013.


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