August 20, 2013

New HLF 10 for Zaisenhausen

A spacious and compact vehicle that nevertheless offers high-performance is put into service

With its Compact Line (CL), Rosenbauer has developed a multifunctional vehicle concept that fully covers standard vehicle sizes from 3.5 to 13.0 metric tons. The CL is customizable and allows for a wide variety of superstructures and chassis. The current delivery of a CL on MAN TGL 12,250 with a wheelbase of 3,900 mm further expands the already broad range of available vehicles.


With the addition of the HLF 10, the Volunteer Fire Department Zaisenhausen in southwestern Germany has a true wonder of space utilization in its fleet. The low dead load of the superstructure's aluminum sandwich construction allows for a 2,000 liter water tank and provides the HLF 10 with an enormous overall payload capacity and the ability to handle extensive additional cargo. The longer wheelbase provides sufficient room. In addition, the HLF 10 has compact dimensions (7,100 x 2,350 x 3,100 mm), making it highly maneuverable.
Limited to 12 metric tons with a water tank of 2,000 liters and approximately 2,200 kg of payload, this unique vehicle is still compact, making it the ideal vehicle for many fire departments.


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