December 1, 2013

First Metz series XS-F articulated ladder

Borken Fire Department, Germany receives L32A-XS-F

L32A-XS-F Feuerwehr Borken unter Torbogen
L32A-XS-F Feuerwehr Borken

In June 2013, the new generation of articulated ladders from Metz was presented to the public. The XS articulated ladders offer an action radius never seen before, especially in tight operational conditions. The 450 kg cage can be set down right in front of the driver's cab. The XS-F tops this with the combination of an ultra-flat total height of the aerial ladder of less than 3 m.
The secret of the ultra-flat structure lies in the newly developed flat substructure made from high-strength materials in a self-supporting design. The "F" Version ("flach" or flat) can also be combined with series’ other than XS. It can be used with the L27, L32, and L39 series as well.

First XS-F series delivered to Borken

On 10.22.2013, the first XS-F series’ were delivered to the Borken Fire Department in Germany. Borken is in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the administrative district of Münster. The town of 41,500 inhabitants has some really narrow alleys, which could only be mastered by the XF.
The briefing had barely ended in Karlsruhe when our firefighting colleagues rushed home. They wanted to go straight to the moated castle in Gemen and drive through its historic archway to see whether the XS-F really did fit through the bottleneck. The suspense was mounting and the relief was that much bigger when it was announced that "it fits". 

Tailor-made for Borken

Borken's L32A-XS-F was built on a Mercedes-Benz Econic 1829, which, together with the "F" design, made the minimal height possible. The chassis allows a permissible total weight of 18 t and the engine has an output of 286 hp.
The rescue cage has a capacity of 450 kg and can accommodate four persons. It has three entry points at the front and one at the rear to climb into the ladder. Thus also obese patients of up to 250 kg can be accommodated.
A permanent monitor with an end-to-end hose is installed, ensuring that water is always available for extinguishing. What is unique is that the monitor can be removed if extra weight capacity is needed.
Power is supplied by the RS 14 SUPER SILENT generator with 14 kVA output. Flashing lights in the radiator grille and in the cage floor, a reversing camera and LED warning lights integrated in the carriage panels are built in as additional electrical equipment.
With the erection of the ladder, the backrest of the Comfort main control panel automatically tilts and the seat is heated.
The operator has various electronic aids at their disposal:

  • Target Memory System to repeatedly move to defined points
  • Vertical Rescue Function to rescue people from shafts, for example
  • Automatic Return Function
  • Automatic stowing of the ladder, both in front of the driver's cab for easy entry as well as in the stowage position for driving

More information about the L32A-XS-F of the Borken Fire Department