The two batteries of the FANERGY B16 high performance fan are
extremely efficient and lasting energy suppliers. A long service life,
high running performance, and an intelligent battery management system
make the lithium-ion batteries of the FANERGY B16 high performance fan
one of the most advanced on the market. They combine simple handling
and low weight with ergonomic design. The battery management system
of the high-quality lithium-ion batteries immediately detects faults and
protects the 40 high-performance cells from being overloaded and shortcircuited.
The two batteries combined deliver 835 watt hours. This makes
it easy to master every operational situation.

-Lithium-ion technology: Long life thanks to modern battery technology.
 Memory effect and self-discharge are a thing of the past
-Efficient power pack: The lithium-ion batteries combine high energy
 density with the smallest dimensions and low weight
-Easy charging: The lithium-ion batteries can be easily charged directly
 on the fan without having to remove them. Two charging options are
 available: an AC power cable or a 24 VDC charging socket
-Optimized handling: The two batteries can be exchanged during
 operation. The ability to shut off the battery in the battery holder
 ensures a perfect fit and maximum safety even in difficult operations
-Increased stability: The position of the lithium-ion batteries ensures
 a low center of gravity and thus increased stability of the fan.

Technical data
Design: changeable via quick-change system
Type: lithium-ion battery
Rated voltage: 36 V
Capacity/battery: 11.6 Ah
Dimensions (W x H x D): 126 x 180 x 91 mm
Weight: ~ 2,40 kg

item no. 513086