Powerful, reliable and compact:

  • Rapid deployment with one easy movement
  • Thanks to targeted and powerful airflow, smoke is quickly removed from the scene.
  • Its unique function ensures optimum performance.
  • Extremely compact design, minimal footprint in vehicle, also ideally suited for retrofitting
  • Maximum inclination adjustment (-20° up to +20°)
  • 2 wedges as standard
  • Storage compartment for the optional foam net
  • Large, smooth-operating wheels
  • Robust adjustment mechanism
  • Stable vibration dampers
  • Lighting package
  • Integrated water spray device (optional)

Safe ventilation even in difficult conditions:
Thanks to the high performance airflow and the extremely large adjustment range of from -20° to +20° better ventilation is possible even with higher level doors,
external entrance steps, basement stairs etc.

The directive drive supplies an extremely powerful airflow: less noise, less wear parts.

Lighting package:
Better operability of the controls and safety use in the dark.

Integrated water spray device (optional):
Can be used for generating a water spray (200l at 5 bar).
Space saving and rapid deployment for lightfoam production. Can be used as a lightfoam generator when fitted with foam net and foam proportioner.

Technical data:
Engine: Briggs & Stratton 4.8 kW (6.5 PS)
Air outlet diameter: approx. 16" / 400 mm
Airflow according to ISO 5801: 5981 m³/h
Thrust according to ISO 13350: 27,5 N
Acoustic power level LWA: 115.7 dB(A) at 100 % rotational frequency
Fuel: Lead free gasoline > 91 Octane
Tank capacity: approx. 3 l
Running time with 1 tank filling: approx. 110 min at full load
Dimensions (W x D x H): 545 x 490 x 545 mm
Weight: 45 kg

item no. 513024