Electronically controlled turret

The Rosenbauer RM15 turret is a compact turret with a large application spectrum. It can be used as a bumper turret for ARFF vehicles as well as the main turret for municipal vehicles.

Versions as water and foam turrets up to 2,000 l/min or dry powder turret of up to 20 kg/s are possible.

Impresses with

  • High flow rate
  • Suitability for various extinguishing agents
  • Excellent throw range
  • Best foam quality
  • Small width

High flow rate

  • Up to 2,000 l/min at 10 bar water or water-foam compound mixture
  • Up to 1,900 l/min at 10 bar water or water-foam compound mixture as well as 1,5 kg/s at 14 bar dry powder, using Rosenbauer ChemCore nozzle
  • 20 kg/s as dry powder turret

Excellent foam quality

Meets the requirements of NFPA 414 for the "air aspirated" type with foam pipe:

  • Throw range > 47 m
  • Expansion ratio > 5:1
  • Quarter-life > 135 s



Suitability for various extinguishing agents

  • Water
  • Water-foam compound mixture (non-foamy)
  • CAFS
  • Foam, with foam pipe (foamy)
  • Powder

Excellent throw range

  • > 65 m with water
  • > 47 m with foam (with foam pipe) acc. to NFPA 414

Small width

Thanks to the narrow width of just 250 mm, the RM 15 turret is ideally suited as a bumper turret.

Intuitive and simple operation

All electronically controlled turrets are controlled via their individual Rosenbauer controllers. They can be operated by joystick, control handle or radio remote control.

  • ONE-HAND-OPERATION: all turret functions can be activated directly on the joystick / control handle.
  • SPEED PROPORTIONAL CONTROL: deflection of the joystick specifies the speed of the turret movement.
  • FEEDBACK CONTROL: the position of the turret always corresponds to the position of the control handle, no direct visual contact is necessary with the turret.
  • Programmable attack and starting positions
  • Multiple operations possible per turret- for example, the turret can also be operated via radio remote control in addition to the joystick.

Automatic oscillating function

  • A completely automated turret operation is possible with the oscillating function.
  • The turret traces a rectangle, the size and position of which are freely definable.


  • Foam branch pipe can be uncoupled
  • Camera on the turret
  • Foam branch pipe can be uncoupled via quick-release
  • Full throw range and spray jet function still apply when operating without a foam branch pipe
  • Full foam quality when using the foam branch pipe
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  • Integration of daylight or night vision cameras
  • Protected under a cover
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