Protective clothing 

Professional protection. Perfect fit.

Protective suit certified according to EN 469, EN 1149-5, EN 61482-2, EN 343 and EN 14360.

Only those who can rely 100% on their material are able to keep a cool head and act correctly in a dangerous situation. The mission is clear: a firefighter's suit must fit like a second skin and offer comprehensive armor-like protection. FIRE FLEX firefighter jacket and pants are certified according to EN 469:2005 + A1:2006, EN 1149-5:2018 (anti-static test), EN 61482-2:2018 (arc fault test), EN 343:2003 + A1:2007 (protection against rain) and EN 14360:2004 (rain test). With the FIRE FLEX, you choose the most sophisticated protective suit on the market.

Impresses with

  • Ergonomic design
  • Perfect fit
  • Materials tried and tested thousands of times
  • Innovative and sophisticated features
  • Intuitive handling

The FIRE FLEX impresses with its ergonomic cut, optimized wearing comfort, sophisticated features and modern design. FIRE FLEX is available in different colors with the following outer materials:

  • NOMEX® NXT in black-blue/red
  • NOMEX® NXT in black-blue/gold
  • X55 mit PBI in gold/brown

Made-to-measure protection from Rosenbauer

3-fold protection without compromises

When a new protective suit is designed, the focus is primarily placed upon the three greatest dangers of extreme use: heat transfer, waterproofing and resistance to water vapor permeation. In these three areas, the highest level of protection is achieved in all categories.


High-tech from Rosenbauer

Rosenbauer protective suits have always offered maximum impermeability to viruses and bacteria. For Rosenbauer, this feature for the protection of emergency crews is not only a matter of course, but also a significant market advantage.


Best wearing comfort through Ergocut

The perfect cut has a name: Ergocut. This precise fine-tuning of the fit offers maximum wearing comfort. Rosenbauer does not regard a comfortable cut as an optional extra. At the end of the day, fit and comfort give emergency crews greater freedom of movement, and are therefore essential safety aspects. If the finely tuned standard sizes are not suitable for the customer, a customized body size can also be manufactured when necessary.


Those who rely on functionality don't have to miss out on a modern and active cut and design. The FIRE FLEX protective suit is a maximum breathable all-rounder made of innovative materials that leaves nothing to be desired.

Dedicated to comfort. Committed to safety.


Combining the best possible protection with optimum wearing comfort is one of the greatest challenges. The FIRE FLEX not only offers a modern, sporty look, but also affords freedom of movement without restrictions in all everyday firefighting situations. Improved sleeve cuts and a special shoulder-arm construction guarantee enormous mobility. The collar has also been adapted to the natural head posture and sits optimally without constricting during longer periods of use. Thanks to a new application technique, the reflective stripes offer maximum freedom of movement combined with high breathability.



All activities and actions performed on-site by the emergency personnel must be as intuitive as possible. FIRE FLEX supports this with ergonomically designed features. Padded grip pieces on the flaps of the pockets and the zipper make it easier to grasp safely, versatile pockets and fastening devices offer countless possibilities at the scene of the emergency. The segmented strips used for improved visibility have been covered over and integrated into a sophisticated overall concept. These are patched instead of sewn on, and are therefore not only more flexible, but also more breathable.

Due to the absence of seams, there is no abrasion load on the material. Robust absorption barriers at all critical points prevent moisture from penetrating through to the inside of the protective suit. In particular, a completely new, breathable 3-layer absorption barrier material is used for the sleeve hem and front trim. A smooth-running plastic panic zipper remains fully functional even if the teeth are slightly damaged.



In an emergency, the fit can also be critical. With the FIRE FLEX, we have succeeded in designing an ergonomic protective suit. It must withstand moisture, cold, heat and fire - in terms of safety, the Rosenbauer brand has always set the highest standards. However, the FIRE FLEX manages to guarantee the highest degree of agility thanks to its revolutionary Ergocut. A feeling like a second skin, without compromising safety.

High-performance materials

There is no question that only the best materials are used for Rosenbauer products. The secret of the FIRE FLEX, however, lies above all in the composition and structure of the material layers as well as in the fabric composition.

FIRE FLEX: resilient, durable and modern

The materials used guarantee durability and longevity.

In particular, the outer materials are characterized by extremely high mechanical performance properties. When it comes to tensile strength, the X55 outer material with PBI achieves eight times the performance required by the EN 469 standard. In terms of tear propagation resistance, it exceeds the minimum requirements many times over.

All additional equipment such as gloves, helmet and boots are perfectly coordinated with the new FIRE FLEX.


PTFE high-performance membrane

The FIRE FLEX has an innovative material structure. The PTFE membrane is characterized by the highest level of breathability, with enormous heat-resistance and watertightness. Thanks to the sophisticated fabric structure in combination with the PTFE membrane, the moisture is very quickly transported away from the body to the outside, and therefore no heat build-up occurs.

With the specific fabric structure, a water vapor permeation resistance value far below the permissible standard value in the highest performance class is achieved in the Ret-Test (Resistance to Evaporating Heat Transfer).

The PTFE membrane is certified to be virus- and bacteria-proof, and provides optimum protection when in contact with injured persons.


Safety thermal lining

The FIRE FLEX uses an insulating-yet-breathable safety thermal lining that provides optimal protection against external influences, even in extreme conditions. The melamine resin aramide fleece lining with quilted cover made of aramide viscose blended fabric meets the high material requirements.

Different color designs

Materials that have been tried and tested thousands of times in a completely new, modern design.



The FIRE FLEX protective suit made of NOMEX® NXT is an excellent choice both visually and technically. This version is available in two color combinations: black-blue/red and black-blue/gold. It also scores highly with its excellent wash appearance. The protective clothing retains its color and shape even after numerous washes. The special long-term impregnation (up to 40 washes without re-impregnation) and the enormous tear strength of the NXT material also ensures a particularly long service life.


X55 with PBI

The protective suit is also available in a two-color version in the X55 with PBI material version. Gold and brown create design contrasts and set accents. The fashionable design gives a particularly good impression. The shoulder and sleeve area is accentuated in powerful brown. Even in this version, the protective suit retains its shape and color after many washes.

Robust rescue strap on the back

A robust rescue strap is fitted to the back of the jacket as standard, allowing you to pull an injured firefighter out of the immediate danger zone. This rescue strap is constituted of a two-layer belt made of heat-resistant Nomex®, which runs across the back underneath the collar, thus evenly distributing the tensile load. For safety reasons, the strap is equipped with an additional Velcro fastener (thus eliminating any risk of the strap sticking out or getting caught). It is equipped with a padded grip piece for better practical handling.

Optional design: jacket with integrated rescue system

The FIRE FLEX jacket can be optionally equipped with an internal casing through which the Rosenbauer IRS belt can be threaded. A matching belt is available as an optional accessory and is certified as per EN 1498 Cl. A and EN 358. The 85 mm wide aramide belt is fitted with a triple-lock HMS aluminum carabiner according to EN 362.


Application areas

Restraint system

Particularly critical are situations in which there is an increased risk of falling. In order to make operations on embankments or flat roofs safer, the restraint system restricts the movement range of the emergency crew to a defined radius so that dangerous edges no longer pose a risk. The restraint system holds the emergency crew member securely in position and prevents a fall.


Positioning system

The system can be used as a positioning aid for activities at heights (e.g. on ladders). By tensioning the belt when leaning into the system, a stable working position can be adopted and a fall can be prevented.


Rescue system

In extreme situations, the IRS belt can also be used for self-rescue.

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