The AT: Indispensable for 20 years

It's been more than 20 years since the first AT was delivered. And it's still in service today. For the volunteer firefighters of Bad Mühllacken (Upper Austria), the rescue firefighting vehicle still impresses in various operations - from several weeks of continuous use during floods, to fires and traffic accidents.


Major fires, floods, traffic accidents. The very first   Rosenbauer AT has experienced a lot since its entry into service more than 20 years ago. And it has continually proven itself ever since. The AT was a revolutionary concept, which at the time (back in 1994) convinced the leadership of the Bad Mühllacken fire department. The technology and design of the vehicle set new standards. For the first time, an encapsulated pump system could be installed. The comprehensive loading possibilities played just as important a role in the purchasing decision as the compact design and good handling. And the crew cab, with its SCBA brackets and folding steps, brought with it a hitherto unknown comfort for the emergency crews.

Equipped for all scenarios

The Bad Mühllacken fire department receives approximately 90 calls for duty per year. The comprehensive equipment makes it possible for almost all types of incidents to be mastered by the RLFA 2000 rescue firefighting vehicle. With the AT, they are very well equipped for both firefighting and technical operations. In the operational area of the Bad Mühllacken fire department, the compact size plays an important role. There are many narrow routes and passages which can be easily navigated by the AT. "Most of all, we appreciate the ease of use of the vehicle and in particular the built-in pump. Our operators can also take care of other activities during the operation via the automated system, which in times of staff shortages is a huge advantage," says DI (FH) Thomas Poxrucker, equipment manager for the Bad Mühllacken fire department.

Plenty of power and plenty of equipment

The built-in extinguishing technology has been proven many times in firefighting operations. The 80 m and 60 m rapid intervention systems provide valuable services for smaller and larger fires. "For large fires at agricultural and commercial enterprises, the large pump capacity and the foam rapid intervention line have proven essential," says Rudolf Gattringer, commander of the Bad Mühllacken fire department. Even in the event of fire missions in a large waste recycling facility, the AT proved with its performance why it belongs among the world's most popular firefighting vehicles. In technical operations, the firefighters of Bad Mühllacken often resort to using the cable winch. The RLFA 2000 offers powerful extinguishing technology coupled with extensive equipment. For the Bad Mühllacken fire department, the vehicle has quickly become indispensable.

A month in continuous use

The most difficult and complex deployment in the history of the Bad Mühllacken fire department was a tough test for the AT: During the floods of 2002, the RLFA 2000 was deployed in continuous use for more than twelve hours every day for around a month, performing extremely valuable services under the most difficult conditions. "We could then and still today depend on the quality of Rosenbauer," said Commandant Rudolf Gattringer.


The acquisition of the first AT, which has now been in service for more than 20 years, was not only a milestone for Bad Mühllacken's fire department. With the revolutionary concept of the AT, Rosenbauer developed a multi-functional vehicle whose track record is the best proof of its quality and operational suitability. However, a great deal of development was needed before the AT could enter serial production. How it passed from initial idea to production is covered in the next newsletter for you to read: namely in the form of an interview with an employee of Rosenbauer, who was instrumental in the production of the first   AT.