Principles for unimpeachable business conduct

Compliance at Rosenbauer embodies the upholding of statutory provisions and regulatory standards, including the ethical standards and requirements laid down by the company itself.

Compliance is a vital component of corporate integrity, and thus an unshakable cornerstone of Rosenbauer’s business. Wherever the company is at work, local laws and own in-house rules – prime among them the Rosenbauer Code of Conduct – are to be strictly observed.

Lasting business success is only possible where it is brought about legally and correctly. Rosenbauer has drawn up rules for business conduct which must be followed by all employees and associates worldwide. The aim is to ensure exemplary quality not only in the company’s products and processes, but also in its conduct towards third parties.

The Code of Conduct is a summary of the “ground rules” for proper behavior that is expected of all our employees – all over the world – to uphold in the course of their business dealings.

Responsible and lawful action is a fundamental and core requirement for success at Rosenbauer. We do not tolerate any action that may have an adverse effect on our reputation or the success of our business. For this reason, compliance with all anti-corruption legal regulations and antitrust laws are of the utmost importance. Violations of these regulations will not be tolerated by us under any circumstances.

In addition to comprehensive internal training and control measures, we have set up a whistleblower hotline. This can be used to report misconduct relevant to compliance – even anonymously if so wished. Every employee and every business partner can contact the whistleblower hotline with information. All information will be handled in line with the procedural instructions approved by the data protection authority.

The whistleblower hotline can be reached at:

Information can be received in German or in English.