This is Rosenbauer's new guiding principle

In the following interview, CEO Dieter Siegel discusses what this new guiding principle is all about, elaborates on the self-image behind it, and explains how the new company slogan incorporates the firefighters' perspective.

Mr. Siegel, what does the new guiding principle "Everything for this moment" express? What does it mean?

Dieter Siegel:
With our new guiding principle, we emphasize that we at Rosenbauer do everything we can to ensure that the fire services and other emergency organizations can provide precisely the help that is needed at the critical moment. Firefighters must be able to rely 100% on their equipment during deployments, so that they can focus on what matters in an emergency - saving lives, extinguishing fires, and rescuing the injured. We support them and stand alongside them as a dedicated partner to ensure that everything works as it should, exactly when it needs to. We align our skills, competencies, and resources toward this goal and pursue it with all of our passion, innovative power, and technological strength.

The new Rosenbauer guiding principle could equally serve as a motto for the fire services. Is this connection intentional?

Dieter Siegel:
Yes, we cooperate and coordinate on an equal footing, in order for fire services to be able to maximize their operational capacity. However, both of our roles go far beyond that, because it takes a great amount of effort behind the scenes, so to speak, in order for everything to come together at the crucial moment. Fire brigades train regularly and must have their equipment ready for operation immediately after each deployment or training. They have to plan their personnel and resource requirements, recruit new members in good time, invest in new technology and vehicles, maintain the organizational flow, etc. And it's no different for us at Rosenbauer: we also have to plan and invest with foresight and put the right experts in the right positions before we can begin new product developments. We invest large sums of money into development and tinker with ideas until we - and also the fire services - are convinced that the resulting products and innovations are useful and work smoothly in everyday firefighting operations. We place a strong emphasis on quality and reliability, but we are also determined to think ahead, look to the future, and harness the firefighting potential of the latest technologies.

What role does technological change play in Rosenbauer's self-image?

Dieter Siegel:
A crucial one! That is why we've refrained from reducing the pace of our development work, even in the weeks of the Corona crisis. Even though we fully support the cancellation of the most important international industry trade fair, this year's Interschutz. We scaled down some areas such as production, but we continued working on our key projects with all of our might. In addition, like the fire departments themselves, we retained our full operational readiness. After all, fires don't take breaks for crisis. We can and will therefore present some of the innovations that we wanted to premiere at Interschutz to the public in the coming weeks and months or bring them to market. Among these, our hybrid-electric fire engine takes precedence: From September, the pre-series models will be delivered to customers for extensive practical testing. In the area of equipment, we also have exciting innovations in our product range. And with our digital solutions, in which drones, sensors, virtual systems, and their networking play a central role, this year we will open the doors to a new, technological age for fire services.

Many fire departments still view digitization with skepticism. How do you intend to convince them?

Dieter Siegel:
We at Rosenbauer have been working with fire services for over 150 years. We have brought innumerable innovations to the market and significantly shaped and advanced the technological developments in the world of firefighting. I am convinced that, in a networked world, the partnership between Rosenbauer and fire departments will become even stronger, because systems that are widely usable and implementable provide simple, uniform access to all stakeholders, and function reliably at the crucial moment. This is what we stand for and what fire departments can rely on: we give "Everything for that moment"!

Many thanks for the interview.

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