RFC POLY Trolley

The drivable CAFS extinguisher.

The RFC POLY Trolley can be mounted in fire trucks as well as used in stationary fire protection. The mobile CAFS fire extinguisher is equipped with two sturdy, large wheels and can be easily transported over long distances. An ergonomic handle provides excellent grip. With an extinguishing agent quantity of 55 litres of water, the RFC POLY Trolley can be used to carry out an approximately one and a half minute uninterrupted extinguishing attack.



Impresses with

  • High-performance CAFS technology
  • Application-optimized design
  • Consistent Model Range

Large operating range

The RFC POLY Trolley is equipped with a 20 metre long special textile hose. The high quality and dimensionally stable hose increases the radius of action during fire fighting and enables fire-fighting operations from different positions without having to move the trolley.


Advantages of the RFC POLY Trolley

  • Mobile, easy to transport extinguishing system
  • Can be operated with protective gloves
  • Hose radius: 20 m
  • Throw distance/height: 16 m / 10 m
  • Flow rate: 38 l/min
  • Operating time: 86 sec