EPS built-in generator

Electric power system 

New. Unique. Powerful.


With this revolutionary and patented energy system for firefighting vehicles, Rosenbauer is once again a step ahead. The use of electrical energy as the driver for internal and external consumers creates new opportunities in tailoring emergency vehicles to the requirements of fire departments .


Impresses with

  • Unique built-in generator system
  • Highest electrical power - up to 90 kVA
  • Individual solutions
  • Compliance with standards
  • Simple operation


What is the “electric power system“?

  • EPS is a completely new high-performance generator system as an alternative to conventional built-in generators and large units.
  • A system for the electrical drive of all consumers in the firefighting vehicle with the exception of the centrifugal pump.

How does the EPS work?

  • The centrifugal pump is directly mechanically driven just like the built-in generator, which is coupled to the electronically regulated converter.

How does it differ from conventional built-in generators?

  • The drive speed of the EPS is flexible. In conventional built-in generators it is constant.
  • The EPS drive occurs via a drive shaft instead of a hydraulic shaft or hydrostatic drive.


  • Complete integration into the operating system of the vehicle (rear display)
  • No separate indicators or pilot lamps
  • Information and warnings appear only if necessary

Product features

  • Powerful
  • Flexible
  • Tested
  • Complies with standards

Electrical power

  • Artificial mains network 60 kVA (for vehicles with built-in pumps) or 80 kVA (for vehicles without built-in pumps)
  • Firefighting equipment (compressed air foam system) up to 30 kVA (corresponds to approx. 3,000 l/min air volume)

The result (depends on the chassis) is a usable electrical output of at least 60 kVA up to a maximum of 90 kVA.

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Flexibility in the bodywork

  • The truck mounted generator ensures a perfect adaptability to the needs of customers
  • Control box (acc. to DIN 14686) positionable depending on payload/equipment
  • Power strips positionable depending on payload/equipment
  • Additional sockets (32 A/63 A)
  • Rapid power intervention via hose reel
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Tested up to maximum capacity

  • Own test stand for EPS
  • Endurance testing at maximum output
  • Testing of insulation monitoring
  • Testing the control accuracy of the converter (load shedding)
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Compliance with standards

  • Control box according to DIN 14686
  • System according to VDE 100
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System components

  • Generator and converter
  • Artificial mains network
  • Operation
  • Extinguishing technology

The core - the generator with converter

  • Truck mounted generator with maximum output of 140 kVA
  • Installation in the chassis frame, in front of or behind the rear axle
  • Direct drive from PTO of the chassis
  • Integrated converter - output 650 VDC
  • Inverter in the bodywork - output 400 VAC
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Artificial mains network with control boxes and sockets

  • Artificial mains network enables 5-phase alternating current for the operation of all devices
  • Control box according to DIN 14686 with master electrical load switch for the generator system
  • Sockets 16 A/230 V, 16 A/400 V and 32 A/400 V on the vehicle. Optional 63 A/400V
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Operation of the EPS system

  • Main switch on the control box
  • All operating elements on the pump operator's panel
  • All indicators on the pump operator's panel
  • Complete integration in vehicle operation
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Firefighting equipment with 400 V drive

  • DIGIMATIC 48 - Direct injection foam proportioning system, 0.1 - 48 l/min proportioning ratio, multiple systems possible per vehicle
  • CAFS WR 15E- Compressed air foam system
  • CAFS WR 30E- Compressed air foam system
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  • More light
  • More foam
  • More compressed
    air foam
  • More pump
  • More feed
  • More emergency
    power supply
  • More decontamination
  • More consumers
  • Operation of powerful light masts with 400 V illuminants on the vehicle
  • Operation of multiple illuminated balloons or other illuminants for the large-scale illumination of an operation site
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  • DIGIMATIC 48 is independent from the vehicle electronics
  • Power of 0.1 l/min to 48 l/min per proportioning system
  • Proportioning rate between 0.1 % and 6 %
  • Multiple DIGIMATIC 48 proportioning systems in a vehicle are possible. As a result, multiple injection points are usable simultaneously - independent of each other
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  • Compressed air supply completely independent of the pump speed
  • Compressed air supply is also possible without running centrifugal pump
  • CAFS WR 15E
  • CAFS WR 30E
  • Option SKY CAFS
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  • With a 60 kVA artificial mains network, a parallel 8/1 operation is possible using 10 submersible pumps; therefore, an output of > 10,000 l/min is possible!
  • Operation of large contaminated water pumps is possible
  • An EPS vehicle replaces large mobile power sets in cases of disaster
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  • Extinguishing water supply from a nearby body of water using submersible pumps
  • Supply of the vehicle with sufficient extinguishing water for the built-in pumps
  • Fast setup of a high-performance extinguishing water supply using submersible pumps
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  • Feed into buildings for an emergency power supply
  • Fast recommissioning of critical infrastructure
  • Bridging of power failures for production or cooling systems
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  • Operation of electrically operated warm water producers
  • Use of compressed air foam - technology for the application of decontamination agents
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  • Electricity is the most universal type of energy
  • The EPS system can supply every electrically operated device
  • High output enables the use of even larger, more powerful consumers on the firefighting vehicle
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Technical data

  • Total output
  • Artificial mains network output
  • Chassis prerequisites

Vehicle with built-in pumps

  • 60 kVA artificial mains network
  • Firefighting equipment (compressed air foam system) up to 30 kVA (corresponds to approx. 3,000 l/min air volume)

= 90 kVA total electrical power

Vehicle without built-in pump

  • 80 kVA artificial mains network

= 80 kVA total electrical power

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  • 60 kVA total output (for vehicles with built-in pumps, independent of chassis)
  • 80 kVA total output (for vehicles with built-in pumps, independent of chassis)
  • Sockets 16 A/230 V, 16 A/400 V and 32 A/400 V on the vehicle. Optional 63 A/400V
  • Connection of consumers to the vehicle possible, e.g. 400 V light mast
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  • PTO position in order to be able to actuate the generator
  • PTO output restricts the maximum output of the system
  • PTO speed restricts the maximum output of the system
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