Power plant

Perfect protection for complex requirements

In complex environments like power plants, having a comprehensive fire protection plan and reliable extinguishing systems is essential to ensure the safety of workers and for the continuous supply of electrical power.


On this page you will learn more about power plant fire protection.

Impresses with

  • Individualized protection plans
  • Highest extinguishing effect thanks to CAFS
  • Precision turrets
  • Easy installation
  • DMT certificate of suitability

Initial situation

The process of generating energy is complex and consists of many different steps. In many areas, the use of flammable materials and liquids, the presence of heat, and the machines themselves result in high fire risks.
Fires can cause serious injuries, have detrimental effects on the environment, and endanger energy supplies.

Extinguishing system

Rosenbauer extinguishing systems provide protection for many different areas of a power plant:

  • Conveyor belts
  • Transformers
  • Turbines
  • Burners
  • Coal pulverizers
  • Storage bunkers, silos, halls
  • Storage services, delivery areas
  • Oil tanks
  • Boiler house
  • Power house

Extinguishing systems are custom designed to meet the various protection objectives.

Water turrets are ideal for protecting large storage areas and bunkers. Their long throw ranges safely reach the burning objects, even over long distances.

The CAFS extinguishing system is designed to provide highly effective protection for machines and conveyor belts. Its spray nozzles distribute compressed foam across the seat of the fire, denying it the oxygen it needs to continue burning.

The extinguishing system is also available as a fully self-sufficient system, i.e. without external energy sources. This means the necessary fire protection is provided even during blackouts.

Extinguishing systems are installed according to national and international standards, e.g. VGB. The Rosenbauer CAFS- or water-based extinguishing system for belt conveyors has also been certified for suitability by DMT (Deutsche Montan Technologie, TÜV North; test center for mining and fire protection).